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Heaven Before Life And Life Before Heaven
By Nick Burrin, Published on 10th Feb 2015
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Chapter 3, Passion

"Tuesday 24th June 2014, West Sussex

Recorded live

What’s missing in our lives is the freedom and joy that music brings to young people, and without that they wouldn’t exist.

It’s their expression. It’s like I said in Freedom, young people take something that’s already there and create something even more magical, that we could not have done at their age. So it’s a very progressive passion they feel in their hearts that really affects me, because I only want people to feel joy. And Mother has given us the capacity to feel and understand this joy, so we also have to recreate this. It’s far bigger than I can express and far more important.

When I see my own daughter dance in here, I feel her freedom that comes from this inner passion, and her total surrender and joy of her Spirit. It’s not her that’s dancing, it’s her Spirit.

The difficulty is that our society is built with expectation and judgement already within it.

And if we could get rid of that expectation and judgement, our children would be free and show us what they really can do. This is what is needed, which has never been achieved before.

We have to create something now that’s so dynamic and so edgy, that when people come to it, they just feel completely and utterly moved. I have pictured the School Of Realisation, which will be a beautiful white room, with large white and oak tables, with everything you could ever wish for, paints, paper, craft materials, musical instruments and computers, to create whatever you would like to create, but no teachers and no thought, just silent creativity, only broken by the outburst of music and dance. This is what we have to do for Mother and ourselves, to create a world without inadequacy and fear, but a world of creativity, love, joy and innocence, for us and our children.

In the 1980s in my 20s, I became fascinated with music and fashion. I was amazed by the ability and qualities that God has provided us all with. I used to go to a night club called The Camden Palace. And it was at the time of the New Romantics, bands like Human League, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, and all the people would come flamboyantly dressed in eccentric fashion. This created a new freedom of expression which had never been seen before. I grew to really admire their passion and conviction, the youth explosion, not worrying what other people thought of them. Freedom is where that comes from, it’s Mother alive in people, and that’s what gives them the ability, the spontaneity, the joy, to create music and fashion in this way. There is nothing mediocre about passion, nothing middle of the road.

I have never lost my passion for life and it is about cultivating your feelings and experiencing other people’s passion through their creativity. And this is the quality that you need to feel within yourself to realise and understand the Truth within these books, to come closer to Mother."

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