Beyond All Doubt Is Jerusalem The Golden City

by Nick Burrin, 2011


Chapter 8 Peace

[Excerpt] “Monday 11th July, Sierra Nevada, Spain, following a brief thunderstorm

I decided it might be a good idea to leave London, to get away, to go somewhere remote. I decided on Southern Spain, the Sierra Nevada, a beautiful mountain range. I found through some friends a small farm cottage made out of stone. Abi and I drove to Manchester and flew to Spain. On the flight, I wondered if my experiences would be different. I needed some time to quietly reflect on what was happening to me.

Sitting in the mountains after a brief thunderstorm, I had a vision that came to me that anyone who reads these words or work that I would humbly request that they light a candle in their homes, to bow their heads at the candle so that they could know that the candle flame was the light of their own spirit. By bowing to the flame, they would enlighten their spirit, and it would breed a new sense of honour and feeling and growth, humility throughout the land. People would feel the Holy Ghost, the Love of God. The soothing wind or cool breeze of the mountain range would enter their lives and they would realise love in their hearts. I just felt somehow that people could spontaneously get their Realisation from words, from poetry, to bring enlightenment without questioning, but just to get their Realisation through their own enquiring mind.


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