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Beyond All Doubt Is Jerusalem The Golden City
Dedicated To Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Fourth Edition

by Nick Burrin, 2011

(Fourth Edition published 2024)

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Chapter 8


Monday 11th July 1994, Sierra Nevada, Spain, Following A Brief Thunderstorm.


I decided it might be a good idea to leave London, to get away, to go somewhere remote. I decided on Southern Spain, the Sierra Nevada, a beautiful mountain range. I found through some friends a small farm cottage made out of stone. Abi and I drove to Manchester and flew to Spain. On the flight, I wondered if my experiences would be different. I needed some time to quietly reflect on what was happening to me.

Sitting in the mountains after a brief thunderstorm, I had a vision that came to me, that anyone who reads these words or work, I would humbly request they light a candle in their homes, to bow their heads at the candle, so they would know the candle flame is the light of their own Spirit. By bowing to the flame, they would enlighten their Spirit, and it would breed a new sense of honour, and feeling, and growth, humility throughout the land. People would feel the Holy Ghost, the love of God. The soothing wind or cool breeze of the mountain range would enter their lives and they would realise love in their hearts.

I just felt somehow that people could spontaneously get their Realisation from words, from poetry, to bring enlightenment without questioning, to get their Realisation through their own enquiring mind. Feels like something new, the Spirit is the flame within the human being. It’s important to bow to the flame, unconsciously it’s acknowledgement of the Spirit. Mother’s here, everywhere. William Blake has come dancing into the room, it seems such a weird position to be in, to please the Gods. It feels like a rose opened within us, the rose of Spain. The Deities are all arriving. The Virgin Mary is standing over the house. The Virgin Mary plays a big part in Spanish life, this will be the way the Spanish will recognise Mother as God. The rock inside the house has just turned into Shri Ganesha. Mother is sitting in the chair and I am massaging Mother’s Feet.

I feel my attention is being elevated upwards, all the negativity that has been around is finally being destroyed.

Mother is going into deep meditation. Mother is so humble, Mother thanks us for coming. I can’t find any words to express my thanks to Mother, The Adi Shakti. I will express it in love, in writing, explaining my love for Divinity. Something new is happening. The whole house has just opened out into Heaven. Mother is telling me to work harder and systematically, day in and day out, that I have to work for God, to spread Mother’s love, to go everywhere and to be there. For the first time in my life, I feel I can love myself, and then that love expressed, not in words necessarily. If people read this, they will feel it. Expression is important, to express ourselves through being, through music, through art, through loving.

Another downfall of society is being judgemental. Every human being feels the need to judge, we’re just not honest with one another. I see society, full of misgivings, always analysing one another, the words are double-edged, always scathing, judging each other too quickly. Man has to aspire to see the qualities, not to see the imperfections. If we could see the qualities, then the imperfections would be destroyed. To feel the qualities in another man is to feel God in another man. God exists within us, and the qualities need to be awakened, enhanced, discovered, manifested.

So many social things come to mind that cause problems. The amount of time and energy people put into material gain and at the expense of their goodness, that is shut out and destroyed by their attention being lost, being lost in useless pursuits. The whole way that people work and live their lives needs to be changed, our lives need to be enriched and nourished. The way forward is in nurturing our time and space as individuals. Our working pattern needs to be re-energised by working less. The maximum time we should work per day is four or five hours. In that time, we would be more focused. There is an optimum amount of time that the human being can be constructive and productive. Going over that time leads to stress, anxiety and exhaustion, and a breakdown of family and social values. If everyone kept in the present… the past is dead, finished, it’s yesterday. One should understand history.

The reason why man is so intellectual is because they are all seeking answers, they look to the future and the past. It’s no good looking outwardly because the answer is so simple, to live in the now, to live in the present. The wisdom I have gained has come within me from God. The solution to our social problems is so simple. If we work less hours, maximum five hours per day, we then have time for other pursuits, of music, art, writing, of enjoyment. Those pursuits bring out the innate goodness, qualities within us. If we had more time, time breeds contentment, satisfaction. Our lives, our children, our mothers, fathers, all need time, and nourishment. By not working so many hours, we could give more attention to family life and family pursuits, enjoying painting with our children, bathing with them, teaching them to cook, to understand and feel nature. Time spent enjoying with your children breeds satisfaction, love. Enjoying our parents and the wisdom of life they have, if we live together more as family units, then the children can be looked after by the grandparents, giving time for the parents. The children would learn patience and wisdom from them, having more time. The purpose is to create time and then go beyond it.

Our lives, we are here to experience, to expand our awareness, to be in contact with others’ innate qualities. By working less, by enjoying time spent with natural creativity, we would take out the stress and strain of life and create a more productive society, our lives would remain in balance. Our society will benefit wholeheartedly through this new experience. If our minds are free from so much stress, then our work productivity will increase dramatically.

If you do something for yourself you get blessings, enormous blessings, disproportional to the action. God’s Will, God’s Will, will win. If England were to take up this manifesto, just by taking it up, by trying, by wanting to put it into practice, we would move into the Golden Age. God would bless us wholeheartedly, law and order sustained, maintained and then not needed.

Man can live in a peaceful place, that doesn’t make man peaceful. Man has to have peace within him, then he can live anywhere.

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