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So Daisy’s Really Are Made In Heaven

By Nick Burrin, 2010

Second Edition published 2021

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I wake up and feel my hands to see if I still exist.  I do, and I wasn’t dreaming.       

          I’ve always felt my life has been different but I never thought that something like this would ever happen to me. It’s like being in a fairy tale, or an imaginary dream - but this is reality. 

          Over the past few years my life and awareness has changed. I always thought that there must be much more to life than what we all see - but how to connect, how to get in touch with the deeper, inner self. 

          There has to be one truth, one ultimate knowledge. One everlasting and totally understandable definition of life, of where we have come from, where we are going, and what has created us. What is our relationship with this awesome power of creation.​

          I realised that nobody really had any concrete answers, because if they did, the world would not have the problems that it now faces. There were many unanswered questions in my mind. Why is there so much pain and suffering. Is it man made. How can we solve the problems that we seem to have created. How can we improve. How do we find peace. Are all the answers really much closer than we think. Is there some way we can change, move on, elevate our lives into new perceptions of discrimination and individual benevolence. Perhaps there is a new level of consciousness yet to be discovered.          

          I seem to have the most enormous amount of energy and power. My days have changed and I have gone beyond time. My body only needs three to four hours sleep a night. I can’t seem to think about sleeping or eating at all, they seem unimportant. This is such a beautiful thing that is happening to me, and it’s so difficult to put into words. It’s happening to me most of the day now and I pray that it doesn’t stop. It’s just incredible, beyond all human expectation. I could never have believed anything like this could ever take place.  

What’s in store for all of us is just phenomenal.


Nick Burrin

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2021-06-21 CMYK removed filters Daisys COVER original copy adjusted version 2 copy 3.jpg
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