By Nick Burrin, 2014
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Chapter 16, Beyond All Doubt

24 March 2012

"What lies ahead is absolutely magnificent. It’s so different from the life we’ve known up until this point. Mother has spoken to us so much about becoming the spirit and being detached and not worrying, and allowing and having compassion and surrendering. But actually, you can’t do any of those things if you think you are doing it. These qualities are feelings, not thought.


The future for us is something that’s completely unshackled. We’re completely free because we’re guided by our spirit, not by thought, which pleases Mother. There’s nothing to think about or worry about, but to feel the beauty of what is to come. And what is to come is magnificent, because our attention now will fall completely on the people who are the simple-hearted, gifted, beautiful jewels of this World. And we strive forward with no name. We are just wonderful people, spirit, children of this World, of our Mother, with nothing, but being led by our spirit which has no name, no identity, no concept, no idea, just reality.

When I think of the name Beyond All Doubt Is Jerusalem The Golden City, I now understand what it means to be beyond all doubt. Once there is no doubt, there’s only the beauty of humanity and the beauty of God coming together.

This realisation is a culmination of many feelings that have come together. It’s like we’ve stepped, not one step, but a hundred steps toward Mother. I always say that my relationship with Shri Mataji was always direct and very straightforward. There were no rituals, but of course, there was absolute respect and protocol. And that’s what I always felt when we were in the presence of Mother in the Incarnation of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, and now in the presence of Mother in Mother’s Formless Form… the Angels are all clapping, because this is where Mother wants us to be. My God! Now you can feel the love for all human beings. And like I’ve said, I don’t have a name. There’s no restriction… there’s no formality… there’s no having to join something. There’s nothing but love. I’m just Nick, and with that, I can introduce people to my Mother. And we’re all the same. So the beauty of this is we can all come together.

Detachment and surrender work automatically once you become the spirit. You don’t have to think anything, because the spirit automatically knows what’s right for you. And how does that work? Well, the spirit has the answer before you’ve had time to think it, but you’ve got to listen. So, the answer is your spirit is always present, all-knowing and magnificent. Your Kundalini and spirit merge together at the point of your Sahasrara. Mother just said to me, “You’ve now moved into a totally new realm of Me.” And we are being offered gifts. Like Christ being born, we’re being born as Lord Jesus Christ, as Mother’s Son. Christ lives on and on and on.

Mother said to me tonight, “I’m going to be here, but I’m not taking part. You have to do this. This is important that you take it on and do it and explain these things as Me as you. And I’m not going to be there to prompt you, because there’s no need.” We’ve opened out into a part of Mother, which is going to expand and expand, and pour this amazing love into humanity, because this realisation allows everybody to become the spirit. There’s nothing to do, the Kundalini will just rise.

In the past, I wrote, we are the stars in the night sky and we bounce the light back to Mother so Mother can enjoy Mother’s Creation, I feel the light bouncing back to Mother again tonight. So, when we become the spirit, that’s exactly what happens - the light of our spirit is bounced back to Mother, Who is Everything. I sometimes wonder how I realise things, because once I’ve realised them, I can never figure out how I realised them. Except, I just asked in my heart and it all happened so quickly at once that it’s so difficult to unravel the feeling and put it into words. What it feels like is that Mother said to me, “You need to write a book about yourself.” This means so many different things on so many different levels, but on this level at this moment, I realise that what Mother wanted me to do was to move the emphasis away from Mother and on to myself, because I couldn’t realise myself unless I put my attention on myself, albeit that Mother and myself are the same. Your self and Mother are the same. Your spirit and Mother. We’re all the same. So, I realise that I had to search inside myself to understand what your self is and how you become Mother, which is your self.

Then Mother said to me, “Until you realise yourself as Me completely, this isn’t going to work out.” As I said in Beyond All Doubt Is Jerusalem The Golden City, there has to be no doubt, and it’s the doubt in ourselves that stops us coming to Mother, turning to Mother, allowing Mother to work through us, and relating to Mother and Mother only, in Thoughtless Awareness. I can only record these books in Thoughtless Awareness with Mother’s guidance."

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