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Freedom, Dedicated To Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Second Edition
By Nick Burrin, 2014
Second Edition Published 2022
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Chapter 17, Mother Is The Adi Shakti

Saturday 7th April 2012, West Sussex, England.

Recorded Live.

I invite Mother and all The Deities here tonight.

            My purpose is to show My love, devotion, and dedication to Mother, The Adi Shakti. I understand Mother and The Deities. I had to realise and describe exactly what happened to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and tell The Truth about sahaja yoga. I only relate to Mother and Mother only.

            I’m sitting here, feeling all the implications of what I feel inside, and I said to Mother, No one would ever imagine that realising God would be like this. And then Mother said, “You’re not realising God, you’re realising Me, which is very different, because I Am Everything. To realise God, could be one part of Me, but You are realising all of Me.” So, this comes with everything – the good, the beautiful, and also the bad, whereas to realise God, just has The Beauty.

Nobody has realised The Whole Truth in this way before. So, to destroy the evil in the World, I had to realise why it is created, and how it wants to destroy humanity by taking control of people’s lives and abusing them. And this works throughout our lives. I had to realise The Whole Situation.

At the time of Lord Jesus Christ, people only partially realised The Truth, so they were not protected. You have to realise how evil and negativity works, it’s very important because until you understand how it works, you are still part of it. The only way to become your True Self, is to realise everything I am explaining. It’s important to realise everything that happened to Mother, and what Mother went through for us. Mother exposed the negativity of Mother’s family and who they are. And you need to realise that some of the sahaja yogis administered the awful drugs to Mother under the supervision of Mother’s husband. Once you realise The Whole Divine Story, you are protected because you now understand The Truth. As you become your True Self, you can then see The Truth and also the deception in every situation.

            The negativity reigns within people’s lives from the very beginning. As soon as you are born as your beautiful Spirit, the negativity is out to destroy you. And it certainly does a good job.

            The negativity has to be realised for it to be destroyed, but it has never been realised before, not completely. And that is why The Truth is so important, because The Truth destroys all negativity.




            So Daisy’s Really Are Made in Heaven

            Chapter 3, Joy.

            Tuesday 5th July 1994, Notting Hill Gate Café, Midday


Beware, all those who doubt the Second Coming.




            So Daisy’s Really Are Made In Heaven

            Chapter 2, Expectation

            Sunday 3rd July 1994, West Bay Beach, Dorset




Mother has no real face. A sign of the final coming.…

            I feel I am being elevated to new heights. Mother is seated with weapons all around Mother. Mother is now turning into Lord Shiva, the Deity behind the creation, destruction and re-creation of the Universe. The Primordial Mother is knighting Me with a spear in some kind of ceremony on the beach, perhaps preparing Me for battle.

            Shri Ganesha appears, the elephant-headed eternal child, and the music inspires Shri Ganesha to dance, so beautifully and delicately. All the Angels stop to watch. Shri Ganesha is suddenly awesome, 100ft high, walking out of The Sea. Shri Ganesha shrinks and dissolves into Mother and They are now one, sitting as Mother as Shri Ganesha.

            Mother has no real face, a sign of the final coming. The end is nigh. A fresh beginning.




This experience above was in the Summer of 1994 where Mother knighted Me with a spear on West Bay Beach in Dorset. And this is an announcement of The Truth and of The Second Coming and that the end is nigh and there will be a new beginning. It’s very important for everyone to feel the significance of My relationship with Mother and The Deities. It is through My Realisations that the negativity in The World will finally be destroyed, and The World will be set free.

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