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Freedom, Dedicated To Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Fourth Edition
By Nick Burrin, 2014
Fourth Edition Published 2024
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Chapter 16

Being Yourself

Saturday 24th March 2012, West Sussex, England.

Recorded Live.

Mother has said it’s human nature to worry about other people and what other people think of you. But the truth allows you to become your true self, the Spirit. The Spirit doesn’t care what other people think of you.

Another human conditioning is that people like to be the same as everyone else and that stops them becoming the Spirit. People like to be the same, sit in the same way, talk in the same way, dress in the same way, and act in the same way, but you’ve got to become your true self. You have got to be convicted of your own convictions. It’s what you feel inside that matters, not what anyone else thinks of you. It’s about realising the truth.

This reminds me of a story I want to tell you. I had left Shri Mataji’s side in the summer of 1993, and then I had my amazing experiences and realisations in the summer of 1994. I then presented Shri Mataji with So Daisy’s Really Are Made In Heaven in the summer of 1996.

In the summer of 1997, I got a call out of the blue from a sahaja yogi who was living at Shri Mataji’s house in Ealing, and he said, Nick, Mother would like to see you tomorrow. I had recently returned from a two-week sailing holiday in Greece and was looking very healthy and suntanned. The next morning, I drove to Ealing and arrived at Mother’s house. I knocked on the door and was greeted by five sahaja yogi men who I knew, all dressed in suits waiting to go in to see Shri Mataji.

I decided I should go to the front of the queue. I was wearing a white t-shirt, a blue shirt, and trendy Levi jeans. One of the sahaja yogis turned to me and said, Nick, are you really going in to see Shri Mataji dressed like that. And I said, yes, because this is me. And they all seemed shocked. Mother’s Indian housekeeper opened the door to Shri Mataji’s apartment and invited us to go into Shri Mataji’s dining room.

As I peered through the open doorway, Mother beckoned me in with a big smile. I sat down to Mother’s right, and Mother said to me, “Nick, how are you”. And I said, Shri Mataji, I’m very well, how are you, Mother. And Mother smiled to me. Mother said, “Nick, I would like you to go and look at a house and let me know what you think of it”. I said, yes Mother. And then Mother turned to me and said, “Nick, you must sit in the Sun more often”.

Sahaja yogis had very strange ideas that you shouldn’t go on holiday, you shouldn’t sit in the Sun, and that you should always dress up to go and see Shri Mataji. The point of this story is, Mother loved me regardless, and I wasn’t worried about what other people thought of me.

The truth is not a religion. People who understand the truth within my books will have no name, no identity, no concepts, no ideas, no rituals, no rules, no places of worship and no hierarchies. They will live in divine reality.

What lies ahead is absolutely magnificent. It’s so different from the life you have known up until this point.

People will become completely free and be guided by their Spirit, not by their thoughts. There’s nothing to think or worry about, but to feel the beauty of what is to come. And what is to come will be incredible, for all the people who are straightforward and open-hearted.

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