The Absolute
By Nick Burrin, 2011
Chapter 32 With Love From The Heart

The vans rolled in and I said to them, Right, everybody, can you unload all of these boxes onto the pavement. As we were doing that, the terminal doors opened and out came this chap from Air Canada with five of those long trolleys linked together like a train. He came up to me and said, Are these for Air Canada? And I said, Yes, absolutely, they’re for Air Canada. Thank you very much. We loaded them on to his trolley and he said, That’s fine, I’ll take them to the cargo check-in. I said, Yes, that would be lovely, thank you. And off he went with the boxes. So, I didn’t think anything of it and we did a group check-in. The ladies at the check-in desk were very nice and the check-in went very smoothly. We were then standing around and I could feel that we needed to go. It was getting late. I was feeling, I hope the boxes are okay. Then a lady came from behind the counter, and said to me, You all seem very nice. I was wondering whether you wouldn’t mind if we upgraded you into Club Class, and there are two First Class tickets. I said, Well, that’s very kind of you. None of us drink, so… And she said, Well that’s even better. Just as she was saying that, another lady came over and said to me, Now, about your overweight luggage, which, I believe, are these lamps that you brought. You need to pay £2,300 for the excess baggage. I looked at her and smiled, and said, Right, okay, well, let me see. Have I got my credit card? I wonder if I could put that much on my credit card. Then the other lady looked at me and said, You’ve got to go right now - the plane is boarding! I looked at the two ladies and smiled, and they said, It’s okay, just go! I said to them, Thank you so much. I was so relieved, I wanted to hug them. When we finally sat down on the plane, I felt what a miracle; we’re on our way with our boxes, and in business class!


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