The Absolute
By Nick Burrin, 2011
Chapter 42 Our Children 

[Excerpt] Something that’s been tearing me apart for a while now is the state of the World. Behind the glossy exterior is a world of desperation, a world of decay, and most of the time we pretend it doesn’t exist. We still keep living in the illusion that everything is all right, that the mess we’ve created is normal, that the inner cities of this country, England, and the World are normal. The desperation of our children is so desperate and so desolate, born into a world with no love, but just aggression. So my desire is especially to give young people purpose, but purpose from within them, to give the children back their power, to get rid of expectation from their parents making them do things because we want them to, come what may. But we now have the power of feeling, and so you have to feel what is good for your children, what is right for them, and have no expectation. It doesn’t matter; they will be fine. They’re not our children anyway, so why should we worry, why should we be concerned. Of course, we should look after them, but looking after them is about loving them, not expecting them to do something because we want them to. As I’ve said before, expectation within a child’s life creates inadequacy and fear. We need to have respect and build respect and an inner feeling of self-worth.


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