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The Absolute, Dedicated to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Fourth Edition
By Nick Burrin, 2011
Fourth Edition published in 2024
2024-02-02 Alina - NEW The Absolute Fourth Edition, Hard Cover Graphic cropped W375 H534 c

Chapter 34

Absorbing Mother’s Love

Tuesday 17th May 2011, West Sussex, England.

Recorded Live.

I’m sitting here with Mother realising just how important my realisations are within this book and how my desire for the truth about Mother’s life is so vital, so important, so crucial, so imperative, for the existence of humanity. Without this truth, everyone would be lost forever. I realise this is a turning point in the history of mankind.

There is always silence after the storm. And since yesterday’s realisations, everything has changed.

I’ve been feeling this all day. The power of Mother’s love is so strong. When I realise something so profound, Mother takes my breath away with a wave of vibrations. All I can feel is Mother’s beautiful silence.

So, my desire… Oh my God. You see, as soon as I say that word, I feel my desire coming together with Mother’s desire, it’s like lightning, it’s dynamic, bright, purifying and highlights the truth. My love will ignite all the normal straightforward loving people in every country of the world, because this is for everybody, it’s not exclusive, this is what mankind has been waiting for. I want people to be absorbed in Mother’s love, to absorb this new vibration of truth.

Mother has just said to me, “You’ve realised it, you’ve turned the tide”. All the Deities have appeared six or seven hundred feet high, walking straight over the sea.

As Mother and I come together, we always have another plan, another trick, just waiting to play that trump card, to throw the swerve ball, to ignite the human desire.

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2024-02-02 Alina - NEW The Absolute Fourth Edition, Hard Cover Graphic cropped W199 H327 c
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