The Absolute
By Nick Burrin, 2011
Chapter 26 Battle Cry

2nd May 2011

"Over the past 48 hours, Mother has been standing on the chariot as Shri Krishna in the living room of my flat. I have been trying to feel and realise why Mother as Shri Krishna is in the chariot.

Today is the 2nd of May, 2011, and I can certainly feel the vibrations building for this Sahasrara Day, which will be hugely significant and important for all of the Sahaja Yogis. This Puja will mark a shift in our understanding and our ability to hear Mother in our meditation, as we will slowly come to realise that we must move together in love and love only, for our Mother and for each other. The reason I can feel this is today Mother is sitting on the sofa, giving me a feeling that Mother spoke about in Beyond All Doubt Is Jerusalem The Golden City, “You have become Me and now you must be Me.”

At the beginning of this book, Mother said to me that I need to be direct, straightforward, and not beat about the bush. As my connection with Mother grows stronger each day, my ability to realise the truth and to speak the truth as Mother would, allows everyone to get closer to Mother in their heart.


Today I can really feel the evolution of this book in that aspect of relating to Mother, feeling what Mother needs me to convey about all of these very, very delicate situations and subjects, without hurting anyone, and at the same time, bringing everyone together to Mother’s Lotus Feet. We have to realise that the only thing we have to do, as Mother said in Beyond All Doubt Is Jerusalem The Golden City, is when Mother leaves this Earth, from that moment on, nothing else will matter other than to relate to Mother, to meditate and stay in Thoughtless Awareness, and just stay at Mother’s Lotus Feet. This realisation brings us closer to Mother.

As I am sitting on the sofa and Mother is standing on the chariot as Shri Krishna, Shri Krishna turns to me and says, “You need to start the Battle.” Six thousand years ago, Shri Krishna explained to Arjuna that he had to battle against and destroy the forces of evil, some of which were his own relatives. I can feel how important this realisation is on so many levels. Sitting here in my sitting room, I could suddenly feel myself on that battlefield, knowing that Mother wants me to start the battle. I feel inside, how do you start a battle? I could suddenly feel the wind blowing through my helmet and the sound and feeling of anticipation before going into battle, with an immeasurable army all around that goes on as far as the eye can see. I can smell the horses. I can smell the battlefield. I can hear the clinking of weapons and armour, and in my heart I am trying to feel what to say to start the battle. Do I make a speech? In that moment, right on the edge of going into battle for Mother, I could feel myself going totally beyond, into total inner silence. And then I realised the Battle Cry. Clenching my sword in my hand, and filling my lungs, I bellow and cry with all my might, “COME ON! COME ON! COME ON! COME ON!”

I realise the significance of this monumental realisation, that my absolute desire comes from these situations past and present, of total self-motivation for my Mother. I get terribly emotional. It is my outpouring of love and desire for Mother, and that’s what this book has to portray, for everybody to see that, so they can feel what we all need to do together.

I can feel us all holding hands together, it is so beautiful, it is beyond Heaven, and this is Mother’s Sahasrara."