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By Nick Burrin, Published on February 2017

Chapter 25, Shri Krishna

"Thursday 21st July 2016, West Sussex England

Recorded Live

Today is the 21st of July 2016, Shri Krishna is very powerful and today marks a turning point in our world. Shri Krishna is the one who explains the Truth. Shri Krishna is the one who helps me to manifest the Books. Shri Krishna is the one who explains to us, what is good and what is bad, what is holy and what is evil. Today will be the start of exposing the truly evil people in this world which will allow the good people to have the power to recognise who is good and who is not. From this moment you will know what is right, what is wrong, what is good and what is bad. And what’s really important about today, is that you have to know in your heart what is right for you in every situation that you come across in your daily life.

Shri Krishna is the one who allows you to know yourself and discriminate between what is right for you and what is wrong. Within the Books I have explained the situation without any limits. The knowledge in the Books is unlimited.

The Truth within the Books is unlimited. So you have to know in your heart, that what I have said within the Books is the Truth, the ultimate Truth, the Absolute Truth. From today it means that there is less allowance to get things wrong, from today everybody has to get it right. If you are in any doubt, then pick up a Book, open it somewhere and read. Shri Krishna will give you the answers to any thoughts of doubt you may have. From today there cannot be any doubt left within anybody who comes within my vicinity. I have explained so many times, that you have to become the spirit and you have to know yourselves and know the Truth and understand Mother’s life and understand my life. There isn’t any excuse anymore. The past is the past and the future hasn’t come so we need to stay in Thoughtless Awareness, in Doubtless Awareness, feel the power and beauty of Shri Krishna and know that Shri Krishna is awakened within you and Shri Krishna‘s qualities will shine through all of us.
Thank you."

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