By Nick Burrin, Published on February 2017

Chapter 33, Nick Burrin's Meeting

The one to one sessions that I am perfecting are important because I will show you how to feel more about yourself and this will help you grow faster. Most of the bad things that have happened to us, our egos think are really, really bad, but our spirit accepts them because that’s part of our journey, and as I say to my children all the time, life isn’t fair. So if life is not fair then we have got to change the way we look at our life, to make it an advantage for us and not a disadvantage. What I do, is spend a lot of time processing what’s happened to you and then move through those feelings so that you come out at the end realising that everything that has happened to you is to get you to this room today. If you realise all of the things that have affected or worried you, you start to put them into perspective. It’s not so bad, it’s ok because you made it here, imagine if you didn’t.


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