In the summer of 1994, I began to have these amazing visions of the Primordial Mother, Deities, Angels, and incredible realisations, that provided all the answers to all the questions I had ever asked. I recorded all of these experiences live as they happened and turned them into the book, “So Daisy’s Really Are Made In Heaven”, which was published in 2010. Since then, I have published a further 6 books, all recorded live, and each one full of incredible realisations of The Truth. I am now traveling the world, holding public meetings  and explaining all the truths I have realised and people are experiencing self-realisation and a new awakening.


By reading my books, watching my videos and meeting me, you will then automatically become your True Self, Secure, Confident, Openhearted, Honest and Happy, without any doubt about yourself.

Your heart is the most important part of your being, your spirit. Your spirit allows you to realise The Truth and dispels all ignorance.

It will be amazing, as the world will change very quickly, because it’s about true, openhearted, straightforward, loving, caring people,  who will rise up and change the world together.

If you would like to come to one of my meetings,  please fill in your details on the Contact Nick Burrin page.


 Nick Burrin.

Thousands of people across the world are reading Nick Burrin’s books and are discovering the truth within them and changing in ways they never thought possible. Nick works tirelessly to bring The Truth to the world.

The Truth has been hidden for centuries. My Books explain The Truth in totality. As you read the Books, you will automatically change and evolve and become your True Self. Nothing is hidden or left to pass. Out of the ashes of the fire, came a new flame, that burned brighter than the sun itself. And this gave humanity the chance to realise The Truth once and for all.

The phrase “truth will out“, or “truth will become public“, first appears in William Shakespeare’s play The Merchant of Venice. A mystery will always be solved, The Truth will always be discovered. The Truth will always win. My books are the total Truth for everyone to feel and realise, which will change the world completely and forever.

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