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I’m extremely worried about the health of every human being in the world. Our health is incredibly important in all aspects: food, diet, medicine, exercise and sleep. The food that we are now eating has changed dramatically in the last 50 years, with all of us consuming large quantities of processed and fast-food.


What I have realised is, the food we should eat must be fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, all prepared by ourselves at home. When I go shopping to the supermarket, there are really only two aisles that I visit out of the thirty aisles in the store and that is the fresh fruit and vegetable aisles and the meat aisles, and the rest of the supermarket I ignore completely. It is also very important to buy as much organic fruit and vegetables as possible and free-range or organic meat. My cooking is very simple and straightforward. 


Please watch the videos below and also click here to see more videos from Dr. Robert Young

The One Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Disease

The Most Comprehensive List
of Alkaline Foods

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