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Our children are our future and education is very close to my heart. Having children myself, I have found that their schooling has been incredibly frustrating and disappointing. Children’s lives are so important and our education system destroys their creativity, can make them depressed and moody and disengaged with their school, their parents and society.

It’s time to change our education system and make it enjoyable, fun and engaging, by allowing children to start school at 9.30am and finishing the day at 2.30pm. And if you take out playtime and lunch, it will mean that there will be 20 hours of teaching per week with a break after every 45 minute class and no homework.  And children are very capable of teaching themselves with the technology that we now have to hand.


It’s very important the children are allowed to do and learn the things that they want to, that they’re interested in. And this is the best way to engage children, to make it fun and enjoyable, to cook lunch together, and to mix up all the ages so the older children look after the younger children. And they don’t really need teachers, everything is online. So the school would become a place of fun, allowing children to wear whatever clothes they would like. And the parents should know what is going on in the school.


Children should learn logically and practically about all the things they would need to know once they leave school. Children need to be taught about life, how life works, how to become a parent, how to open a bank account, how to apply for a mortgage, how to read a set of accounts, how to build a house, how to grow vegetables, how to play sports, how to work as a team, how to start a business, how to sing, how to dance. 


Please watch some of the videos below, particularly Sugata Mitra.

The videos below will inspire you to help me lead a revolution to change our children’s lives forever.

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