Music is so important, music can make you feel so many different emotions at different times, always taking you back to when you first heard a track in your life. It’s like all of us have a soundtrack to our lives. We will always remember the first album we bought, the first live concert we went to. Music invokes a feeling of passion, of love, of excitement, of freedom, all created around the rhythm of the universe.


Please play some of the videos below. I always try to find live recordings as much as possible as live music being played in that moment is so much better than studio music as it is spontaneous. A lot of the music  I have chosen is played live at Glastonbury, Knebworth and Royal Albert Hall in London. Somehow music being played live at these venues in England have a special quality of feeling to them, to hear and see the crowd’s reaction, the roar of the crowd, dancing, clapping, singing along together, is truly magnificent.


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