The Truth About Lord Jesus Christ

Ostend, Belgium

So good evening everybody and welcome to Belgium. So tonight will be a puja to Lord Jesus Christ.


When I went up to my room, a little earlier, and sat down, I felt Lord Jesus Christ inside me say, ‘Please, don’t talk about the past.’ So I wanted to bring God up to the 20th century, to this day, this moment now, and for all of us to realize that I’m going to destroy all the myths, and ideas and rituals around religion. So we all have ideas about religion and what we think it means to us, but we’ve realized together as a group of people, that it doesn’t mean anything that we thought it did; and today really proved that, out on the beach. And for me to come to Belgium and meet such incredible people is such an honour. And I’m so grateful to all of you.


So it’s our job to be completely normal, loving, kind, compassionate, forgiving people, but without any religious connotations. So we’re not religious people at all. And for me to feel, who we are, what we are, how we are, is such a miracle. And it’s hard for me to believe this is really actually happening; that we’re actually all together in this room and we’ve managed to get this far. And a lot of people have asked me about forgiveness and how do we forgive; how do we let go of the past. And actually it’s really easy to forgive, in the position that we’re in now, because in a way, it doesn’t have the same meaning as we thought it had. So in thoughtless awareness, you have the power of forgiveness, in a way, that is on such a high level of the understanding of forgiveness and the understanding of God.


So here we are today. So from my point of view, I completely forgive all of humanity and as I said last night, it really doesn’t matter anymore, what happens now, outside of this room. And as long as we are kind and caring and we do everything from our hearts then that’s going to change the world; and everything else, you’ve got to leave to me. So you mustn’t worry about everything that’s going on, and in some ways it doesn’t really matter whether you put your attention on things or not. The only thing that’s important is that you enjoy your lives and you enjoy yourselves. And it doesn’t matter where I am, or what I’m doing, my attention is always on myself.  So whether I’m talking to you walking up the beach, whatever I’m doing, my attention is on myself. I know everything that’s going on around me; the person cycling up towards me, or coming up behind me, but my attention is on myself. And the self is the most important thing; your being, your Spirit, your heart, your Kundalini, your chakras are yours; they’re not anybody else’s. And you really have to take care of yourself.


So, tonight my main message is to feel yourself and the beauty of your body, and God within you, and to know how sacred that is, and how important it is and how lovely it is. And I can feel the vibrations from all of you, and it’s a magnificent thing when you meet people and you work with them and you help them, and you care for them and suddenly their hearts start to open. Like I said in the puja talk on the 10th of October, Mother said I should give you the light of my Spirit. So we have such a wonderful opportunity, and I’m here for you. So whatever your needs, whatever you want, whatever you require, please, just ask, and keep asking, because this is such a special time, such a unique time; and I want you all to know that I love you so much. And we’ve been through a lot, and a lot has changed and a lot is going to change; and for me to see you change is just such a miracle. And also for… so many of you have come up to me this weekend and said, oh my God, so and so is so lovely, they’ve changed so much, and I think, oh my God, it’s working. And remember the puja talk where the Deities said, ‘You’d better do it for me’, so I’m very grateful that you are doing it for me.  It’s always so emotional for me, because I feel what you feel. And what I feel in this room tonight is incredible.  


So, to come to Belgium..., when people first said, would you come to Belgium, and I put my attention on Belgium, and I thought, oh my God, I can’t come to Belgium. As much as you want me to come, I’m not sure I could come to Belgium. And so we decided to go to France and to go to Sainte-Maxime, which has such a historical meaning for me. And those of you who came, we had such an amazing time, thanks to Lilyane. And the night we stood on the beach and put the rose petals in the sea, which we must do tonight... (yeah, look, oh we’ve got a lot, this is very special), and to watch the rose petals go across... out across the Mediterranean, was something so special; and to watch the moon become so bright. And then I put my attention on Belgium and I thought, well, let’s have a little look on Google Earth. And it’s funny I didn’t... I don’t really know Belgium particularly well, and as I’ve told you, I went to Brussels when I was about twelve. So I imagined I’m in my car on Google maps, driving up the coast, and I came to Ostend. And I put the little man down on.., by this hotel and I thought, gosh, it doesn’t… it looks really nice; I mean, look at these flats and buildings, they look... something open about them. It’s not like in England, everything’s a bit depressing looking; had this kind of slightly younger feel to it. So I started to work on the nature in Belgium, and to feel the country and the qualities of the country. And then, as we crossed the border from France into Belgium, it started to rain; but it was a rain which was like a mist, a very beautiful rain... I wanted to stop the car and get out to feel it; but our Sahasraras immediately opened and I could feel the heart of Belgium, and I was really shocked, that it felt like home. And the people are very beautiful, very open hearted and have tremendous qualities. So, everything has changed. And I’m very grateful to Mother and the Deities, and to Mother Earth, that the sea can be so beautiful and the sunset tonight so magnificent.


So I thank you all so much for inviting me and I look forward to coming again very soon.

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