The Truth About European Union

So isn’t it interesting how what’s in the press today was loaded with lots of Brexit things which I have spoken about. And if you read them, how honest are they about the situation, how truthful are they. I mean what are we worried about.  We’ll leave and the point about it is the EU is so worried that if we leave and make a success of it, they’re finished.

But I feel the euro is about to be finished. How can you have a system of different countries with one currency. So the reason they created the euro, was not any economic reason, it wasn’t going to be better for everybody, not in the slightest. It was a control reason.  If we all have the same currency then we have to put loads of rules and regulations that the countries can’t break, the fiscal policies, because if they do, it won’t work. So they took all of that control, all of the monetary control away from all of the individual countries in Europe so they could create this super state. But it doesn’t work. So my feeling is, is that particularly Germany have to be very careful because they’ll end up paying like they have done. But we now need some of the countries to break the rules. Ok unfortunately the Italians have just agreed that they’ll tone their budget down.

So it’s an extraordinary situation and to feel the truth of the situation. I really pray for the day that we go into Europe and we go through a barrier, please. I remember when I used to drive down to Italy, however many times a year and you’d get stopped at the border and you’d show them your passport and they have a quick look in the back, then wave you through.  Then suddenly there weren’t any. I thought well hang on a minute, this doesn’t feel right to me. I didn’t know why it didn’t feel right but it didn’t feel right. It was like, how can we not have a boarder. I mean what is going on without a border. How many illegal things are going on now. So, as I’ve said so many times the countries have got to become themselves again.

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