Society Must Be Run By The People

England is not an easy country, it’s quite bizarre.  It’s like, probably most countries but … its split in to lots of little factions all over the place. Little groups of people that are different to other groups of people. And that is why I say, society is so wrong when you try and make it all one. It just doesn’t work. The Welsh are different to the Irish, the Irish are different to the English. The Scottish are very different, they wear dresses, .... So we are all different, we have our little ways. They eat haggis and throw poles around. But isn’t that great − I mean everyone to their own. The English are very reserved and they hold their tea cups like this and they have scones with jam and cream...but that’s what’s beautiful about life isn’t it. If we were all the same, as that’s what they want us to become, won’t it be boring.  So... imagine a society that is run by the people − that’s what  has to happen.

Everything in our town should be run by the people of the town. So we have to break down the barriers, we have to smash the doors open, we have to change the health authority. Look at it, it’s like this monster that’s kind of keeling around, throwing money out the window everywhere. Why can’t you run it in Bognor, do you see my point. Then we could come to you and can complain.

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