Zach Hendricks From USA

During the spring of 2016 I became aware of Shri Mataji and sahaja yoga and I went to a few meetings but felt something was wrong with sahaja yoga. Throughout the year I watched videos of Shri Mataji and could tell that something terrible had happened. As the year progressed, I was very confused about the situation and confused about so many things in the world. I was in a lot of pain and felt little joy, I hated my job and was unhappy with my life. It was the most difficult time, I had become judgemental and withdrawn from society. 

At the end of December 2016 I found Nick Burrin's book Freedom and then I read the other 6 books by the end of January. After reading Nick's books I contacted Nick and received guidance to improve my life and understand the truth. My well-being and happiness improved and the confusion and pain I was experiencing was eradicated.

Nick Burrin's books explain the truth about what happened to Shri Mataji and the truth about so many different subjects that I had been confused about. I came to a meeting in England in September 2017. It was absolutely incredible and unlike anything I could imagine. I am eternally grateful to have found Nick's books, they have changed my life beyond words. By reading Nick Burrin's books and meeting Nick, I went from being unhappy and confused I had ever been to becoming happy and understanding the truth more than ever before. Nick Burrin has helped me realize the truth and remarkably transform my life.

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