Louise Bernard From France

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Even though I meditated, and I loved Shri Mataji, nothing in my life felt right, nothing in sahaja yoga felt right.  Sahaja Yoga confused me and it made me scared and gave me no confidence because people judged each other. I didn't have any strength to help my self let alone my sons or daughters.

I first read Nick Burrin's book The Absolute in Dec 2012 and I remember feeling Oh my God, thank God, thank you Shri Mataji so much, you haven't left us alone. I remember feeling that and saying that out loud.  I was so happy I was relieved and so glad that Mother had a trick up her sleeve all along.  I have now read all of Nick Burrins' books and I can highly recommend them to anyone who has met Shri Mataji or been in sahaja yoga to read them as soon as possible.

I met Nick Burrin personally at his first public meeting in June 2015 it was the best thing I have ever done... I was not going to miss this opportunity and I took it with both hands.

Nick has helped me become confident and given me self-respect and that I can be my true self. I can now love myself which has become my greatest strength.  My life has changed unbelievably and it’s because Nick Burrin cares and wants to help everyone. Nick has explained every aspect of life and I now understand where we need to go as a nation, how society should really be because Nick talks about all of these subjects in such detail.

The biggest change has been with my children. Nick Burrin has taught me how to parent my children, in ways I didn’t know were possible, with love and care but being someone who they could trust and rely on and who they knew who would go to the ends of the Earth for them.  A parent who would do anything in any situation at any time for them to keep them protected… and the only way I could do this was from Nick’s love patience and guidance…. From this I have learnt so much about myself and my children, who they are, how they feel and how I feel for them now with a confidence I never had. I love being with them and that is the greatest gift Nick has given me. I realise that my meditation and my feelings are within my whole life every moment  every decision every feeling and Nick has opened my mediation up into my whole existence and I feel how I have grown and changed to become a person that I love, respect and am proud to be. Everyone needs to feel Nick's love and help and know that you are here for them.

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