Shauni from Belgium

People's experiences of Nick Burrin's Meetings

Dear Nick,

When I first met you, I lived in a small old apartment. We had a lot of arguments with the landlady and the environment was bad. My mom told you that she wanted to move to the sea, but she didn't know if this was feasible for dad and for Iluna and for me.

After a year of longing and talking with you, we were able to move to the sea. A beautiful duplex, 2 minutes' walk from the sea. We liked it there, but we missed each other very much because I returned to live in Antwerp.

Then our desire grew to all live together in a large house with 4 or 5 bedrooms.

This is something you don't find much in Antwerp, and when you find it it's extremely expensive.

Then something incredible happened. There was a house with 5 bedrooms for rent in a very beautiful area with lots of nature,

I immediately called to view it. they told me that a few people already wanted to come and watch.

I thought we wouldn't stand a chance, since I had never seen such a beautiful house.

We went to see it, I just thought it was beautiful. A dream house, I immediately began to desire.

I placed my car in front of the beautiful green field and I asked: please Nick, this is the place where I want to live. It would be a dream come true.

The agency did not let us know anymore. You told me to call every day to ask if they knew anything more. I called every day, and my dream came true. We could now rent the house!

I am still sitting on a pink cloud, I never dreamed that this would become reality.

This is one thing of so many that you have done for us.

Thanks Nick!

Love you


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