Shauni from Belgium

My grandmother gave me your first book Daisy’s, from the moment I started reading I felt it was right.

I felt protected and loved, a great connection, cool breeze and I had a feeling that everything was going to be fine.

I was young and sometimes I didn’t really know what I was doing, but Nick showed me real life and taught me to enjoy every second.

Since I met Nick, all my desires have come true, we have moved from a very bad apartment to a beautiful 5-bedroom house with the whole family.

I quit smoking and going out, I have 2 wonderful children (which was always my great desire to be a mother), have got a lovely man, horses I’ve been dreaming about all my life, and now starting my own business all thanks to Nick Burrin.

I feel everything is much better now and I learned a lot about myself and the Divine.

Thank you, Nick

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