Shauni From Belgium

People's experiences of Nick Burrin's Meetings

The first time I met Nick Burrin was very special. I finally saw in person who I had been talking over Skype for so long. At that point in my life I had many fears.

I didn’t dare to go outside alone, but then I managed to come to met Nick Burrin with my daughter and we stayed at a campsite for a whole week without my parents. The journey to England was quite an adventure. I forgot my daughters passport, and they stopped me when we arrived at the boat. Normally we would have driven back home but my desire to see Nick was so big.

After a few hours they let us through and we could finally come to meet Nick at last.

The campsite was great. Lots of beautiful nature, many experiences and a feeling of love and safety. I enjoyed the walks up to the Trundle, and listening to the stories Nick told us all. I loved laying down on the grass with everyone and watching the clouds changing. Going to Nick Burrin's meetings have taught me so much each time. Eating good food with Nick at Burger King, and going to see the cars race at Goodwood Race course is so exciting and fun to watch. The speed of the cars gives me jitters in my belly.

When I’m with Nick I never want to return home and I desire to see Nick again as he gives me the feeling of love and being at home. Everything we do together with Nick is so much fun and I’m always looking forward to see what we will all do next time!

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