Rosemarie Hooper From Canada

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

People's experiences who have met Nick Burrin

I came to Sahaja Yoga meditation in 2004, from a spiritual background of 23 years following 'Unity School of Christianity's' (Jesus Christ's) teachings. Church of England/Anglican prior to that...

I did not meet Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi personally but went to two Puja's in New Jersey and one in Los Angeles when Mother was there.

I went to the 2009 Shri Ganesha and Shri Krishna Puja's in Cabella and had a sahaja yoga marriage to a Romanian.  I did spend an amazing five weeks in Romania with incredible hospitality from sahaja yogi's and my sahaja yoga husband came to stay with me in Canada.  However, during his Canadian stay I realised that our situation was not going to work out.

I feel all of my experiences/background has been useful, in hindsight, but I was definitely not feeling right about Shri Mataji appearing so ill in 2009 and that we all (sahaja yogi's) bowed down to her husband as well as Mother.

Through most of my time in sahaja yoga my son Marc was ill with brain cancer (diagnosed in January 2006) and I credit knowing sahaja yoga meditation and some good people, among the many, who supported me and Marc. 

By 2014 Marc was very ill and I was mostly there for him, his wife and family.

I stopped going to sahaja yoga groups and they had got mostly negative anyway...

My son Marc died in December 2014 and looking back I feel that my grief consumed me, even though I was there for Marc's children and wife as much as possible; after his death...

By February 2016 I was hospitalized for two weeks with heart (arrhythmia) issues and had ablation procedures done twice, as initially it did not work...

In the Spring of 2017, I heard from Paul and Sucheta Borg with an invitation to return to a sahaja yoga group. I did start going to some meetings and a Puja but it uncomfortable!!!

Paul Borg also invited me to a smaller Saturday group at a yogini's home and I found this a 'better fit'!!  This was Spring 2017 and soon Paul Borg was telling me of Nick Burrin's books!!  I ordered "So Daisy's Really Are Made In Heaven" and all of Nick's other books as they became available.

 I had a Skype one to one meeting with Nick Burrin in the summer of 2017  I then started attending Nick Burrin's Meetings on Skype around that time.

Perhaps the biggest issue that Nick has helped me with is going on with my life after the death of my beloved son as, at times, I did not always want to continue on this earth.  Nick convinced me that my son is okay and will have been born again after a few months..."a golden child" which he was to me in his 41 years as my son...

Nick Burrin has helped me deal with many family issues and I do not 're-act' as I used to when negativity is going on around me.

I used to overthink so much and although the longtime habit is hard to break I know the value of thoughtless awareness more and more.  Thank you Nick!!

I have admitted to mistakes, along the way, with my financial dealings but recently saw a way of starting to remedy the situation!! So, now it is looking more possible that I can probably come to England in 2020...

Nick Burrin has helped me with everything emotionally, physically, my diet and everything for the better.

With more time (my excuse is seasonal family time)  I am sure I could do a better job and summarize more on how and what you have meant to me!!

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