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Paul from Canada

About Nick and Nick’s Books

As I listened to Nick recounting his experiences and sharing the many realisations he had about the Divine, I could feel the love he poured into producing this series of books. The books are like the proverbial gift that never stops giving; a gift that revealed itself more and more as I evolved and realised the Truth contained within them. The beauty of it all was I just had to read them, and allow the words to do the rest.

Meeting Nick really brought home to me what I felt was his amazing love for the Divine and his

burning desire to help mankind. Being with Nick whether in person or via electronic medium made ‘my journey home’ so much easier.

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DEAR NICK! Low bow to You for the wonderful changes in my life that have been taking place since the moment I met You and realised the Light of Truth through Your Books! And all this in 3 months! L

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