Pamela from Scotland

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

People's experiences who have met Nick Burrin

I first came to Sahaja Yoga  in 2004  because I was looking for something different. I had been brought up as a Catholic and I had been conditioned into all the feelings of guilt and inferiority and not particularly liking myself that this and many other Christian religions bring with them. I also wanted to get away from the meaningless ritualism I found in many religions and find something fresh and new.

I  was introduced to Shri Mataji in 2004 and found Mother and her teachings to be a breath of fresh air, and over time I came to believe that she was a Divine Personality and that I was very privileged to have met Shri Mataji in my lifetime. I went to two of her meetings one in Gerrard’s Cross, outside London in 2000 and one in Cabella in 2010. At the first meeting, I did feel uplifted by the presence of Shri Mataji but I was also disappointed because Mother did not speak at this meeting.  On the second occasion in Cabella Mother was brought in on a wheelchair, she looked very frail and disoriented, again she did not speak at the meeting, and I immediately felt something was very wrong and I continued to feel uneasy about her health and well being until she died.

Although my love for Mother remained strong I felt Sahaja Yoga was not for me. In my time in Sahaja Yoga I attended a few Pujas with other sahaja yogis (where Mother wasn’t present) and found a lot of funny ritualistic practices and behaviour that alienated me (this was similar to the type of ritualism I was trying to get away from).  I found the Pujas went on for too long and were very tedious and the behaviour of some of the sahaja yogis was a bit off, so I stopped going to them.

I first came across Nick Burrin, shortly after Shri Mataji passed away in 2011, through reading his book So Daisys Really Are Made in Heaven. I found the book through a fellow shahaja yogi who showed it to my brother Ken. After reading Daisys, I felt completely refreshed by what Nick Burrin was saying and I continued to follow him, mostly through his books (which I read in the order that they came out). Reading Freedom Dedicated to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi was a turning point in my life and I remember feeling absolutely liberated from what had gone before, I was now free from all the conventional religions, I had come across, and all their’ ritualistic practices. Here for once was a way of being with God without all the funny stuff.

I first went to one of Nick Burrin's meetings in October 2015. At the meeting I felt good, uplifted and I felt Nick was genuine. At this time I wasn’t sure if Nick was a Divine Personality but I felt what he was saying was the Truth. Since then Nick has revealed several Truths to me, through his books and through his meetings and now I feel that he has a genuine Connection and that what he says is The Truth.

How this has changed me is that I have started to have belief in myself, I have for the first time in my life come to love myself. I am able to interact with other people more easily and I am not so judgemental of myself or others. I also believe in the strength of Nick's Desire and The Collective Desire, especially if it is a Pure Desire. This is the way we will change the World without having to do anything.

My love to Nick and his wisdom, may you continue to lead us onwards and upwards.

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