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Oksana (Russie) February 2023


Low bow to You for the wonderful changes in my life that have been taking place since the moment I met You and realised the Light of Truth through Your Books! And all this in 3 months!

Love for life, for all living beings, awakens in me more and more every day!)

I enjoy every day, and live in anticipation of what will be interesting tomorrow!!!

Getting enough sleep used to be important, now it doesn't matter anymore... I get enough sleep in a shorter time.

Previously, I could not be without food for more than 3-4 hours, now — I can be without food for several hours and feel good! That's Freedom!

I used to talk a lot, now — I like silence and being more quiet.

I am becoming more pleasant, calmer and happier for myself and those around me notice the changes too.

Relationships with the family and with relatives and others have improved, there are more smiles, joy and tranquility/calmness now.

There is a miraculous improvement in health!

There are also pleasant/nice improvements in terms of work.

Wherever I am, even when I sleep, I feel God's care for me and my family and that I am safe!

It is so important as a woman to feel safe, especially now!!!

I have become stronger and more confident inside.

I am beginning to feel with my heart rather than listen to the incoming information, it is such an interesting way.

I am listening to all the three books for the 4th time now and the realizations are tremendous!!! Very deepening, new horizons open up and I feel there will be even more possibilities!

I thank the Universe for this Divine encounter!, for Your tireless work and help to all of us in all spheres of life! May God give You good health!

With Love and Gratitude from all our family, Oksana.

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