Madeleine from England

I'd like to thank Nick for taking time to help me become a stronger person and to draw out of me the true person who I really am. The old fears, anxieties, opinions and confusion are fading away and truth, love, freedom, certainty and so much more are what I am feeling now. It is such a relief.

Nick has freed me from religiousness and doubt, to actually feeling Divinity. Nick has freed me from the lies of the mainstream media to now knowing truth and and seeing very clearly what really is going on. Nick has freed me from judging others and judging myself and has shown me how to love and respect others and myself. Nick has also shown me how to laugh at myself and not take myself too seriously!!

Thank you Nick for caring so much and even giving me such practical support. The quality of my life is so much better in terms of both my relationship with my family and my material circumstances and life choices.

We now live in a beautiful home by the sea in a really lovely area. I wouldn't have had the self esteem or self worth to think I was able to achieve this. Thank you again Nick. I just want to be part of your passion for bringing out the best in people and radically changing the world for the better.

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