Charlotte from England

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

When I was 17, I was introduced to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and I knew immediately that Mother, as we called Her, was the Holy Spirit. I knew because I felt a cool breeze coming from Mother and I felt it within me too.

I loved the way Shri Mataji brought balance to the male-dominated interpretation of God. Mother was a most powerful, brave and compassionate person. I couldn't believe that I could be alive at the same time and be in Mother's presence. But Sahaja Yoga was beginning to appear like other religions and new age cults. The hierarchy in sahaja yoga took control and like a lot of religions, people were so worried about behaving in a certain way that we forgot how to be. We forgot that ordinary people out there can be amazing. We were insular and didn't trust other religions. I left for a variety of reasons and felt very confused.

Nick Burrin has forged a path away from that confusion to show everyone how to feel God and be free from oppression and division. All we have to do is let go of everything and follow our heart. It must be heart-breaking for God to see so much ritual, cruelty and abuse in the name of God. Back in 1979 Shri Mataji said that Sahaja Yoga would be finished when someone of great power came.

Five years ago I was sent a link to a website with a series of books written by Nick Burrin. I had seen Nick all those years ago in England when Nick gave a talk to several hundred people. I remember observing Nick chatting to people. When I started reading So Daisy’s are Really Made in Heaven I remember saying to myself of all the magnificent people who Mother has chosen to realise these truths. Nick stood out from other people as someone with so much lightness, so much sincerity and who seemed to always be smiling. I felt every emotion reading those books and cried a lot because there was so much clarity, resolution and devotion. Nobody can describe God like Nick. Nobody can be so loving to Mother and the Deities like Nick. No one can describe the different categories of angels and how loving and protective they are. I hadn't felt these emotions and these truths before. God is described perhaps unlike ever before because Nick Burrin was given the ability by Shri Mataji to see and feel the Deities and their powers. Nick talks so amazingly about Lord Jesus Christ and how strong and powerful He is and what a natural sense of humour He has. Nick describes in a very moving moment how Christ removed the crown of thorns. Nick describes Mother wiping tears from Her eyes. There is so much more to God.

I have had a growing recognition of Nick since going to Nick Burrin's public meeting in 2015. I cried when Nick walked in. All that confusion and heartache from the past was evaporating. I felt tranquil. Nick is straightforward, honest, open , sincere and very natural and has realised so many truths and explains them with gravity and directness.

I would never have appreciated life, if I hadn't met Nick Burrin. I would never have known how to begin to fulfill my potential nor sort out practical and simple aspects of my life to make it so much better.

Nick Burrin has an ability to really care for and uplift people's lives. Since meeting Nick I feel much more aware and much less confused. Nick has shown me how feeling and doing everything with sincerity from my heart and not trying to control or be attached to a belief system is a better way to live my life and discover real truths. Now I know how to love my life more, how to love the people around me more, and to love and respect myself more.

What I find most striking about the changes that have happened in my life since meeting Nick Burrin is the feeling of relief. I feel relief that the painful experiences in the past have been resolved and forgiven. I am relieved that I am less confused. I am so grateful that, for example Nick has shown that if you look beyond the mainstream media, you can really see a far clearer picture of what is really going on. There is so much misinformation out there and Nick has cut through and exposed it. Nick has exposed the banking system, education systems, political and social corruption and the money that is made out of the so-called health systems. Nick has shown how a far simpler, localised and compassionate way of managing our institutions is more effective and less taxing.

Nick gives guidance about every aspect of human life and is very dynamic and passionate about improving it, especially for our children. My relationship with my children has changed for the better and my daughter says I am more balanced and mature. I used to make my children meditate and it wasn't very natural. I just thought that was what I was supposed to do but I was repeating what I didn't like about my childhood. I also had expectations of how they should behave in a so called moral way and it put them under unnecessary pressure and created barriers. Now I am more trusting of them and accepting and supportive and there is more closeness and fun and we work together more as they grow up. I can see more clearly where I went wrong and apologise.

Personally I am calming down and becoming stronger. I am less opinionated and judgemental and more accepting of my own imperfections and of others'. I have been nervous and anxious in the past and that is way better now. Nick has taught clearing techniques with candles and how to keep a stronger connection with God, how to feel that connection. Listening to Nick talk and engage with people has also helped me because Nick is so frank and open and talks direct to our beings. Nick talks about real matters and always has a positive and immediate response and solution.

As I write this I am feeling divine energy on top of my head and in my heart. It is a soothing feeling and I wish I could feel it all the time. Nick Burrin wants us to feel this all the time. I would like to thank Nick for taking me out of that confusion and helping me feel more and love life more and I would like to thank Shri Mataji for all your love and for the hard times because they have made me stronger. Both Shri Mataji and Nick Burrin have shown us how to use our divine intuition and that is a real gift that can only be realised when we are not thinking about religion and the people in it.

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