Olivia From England

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Every month Nick Burrin hosts a meeting that we either go to in West Sussex or attend via Zoom. The meetings can last two or more days. They are always fun and uplifting but also make us feel better about life. Nick wants us to feel great about life and to push away any negative thoughts and become stronger. We smile more. Nick talks about every subject because it is so important that we understand the truth about everything. So when we grasp it we feel a confidence. I have had to realise that I have been wrong about quite a few things. It has sometimes been a case of trusting Nick Burrin because of all the love and vibrations I have felt, and understanding follows. It is like a mist lifting over an incredible view.

During these meetings Nick helps us to feel stuff - not just love or laughter or pride at how great humans can be, but also indignation and outrage about injustices and abuse. Nick has shown us many different videos of live music performances from Glastonbury; also an amazing video about school children swimming in the ocean for the first time. Top Gear celebrating the E-type Jag; learning about Jesus' Female Disciples: the New evidence; State visits of historic importance and debates in the House of Commons. We have also seen gritty dramas about corruption and fraud; sexual abuse in the Catholic Church; the hidden power of secret societies and the grooming gangs in Britain that the police, politicians and news media turned a blind eye to. Sometimes Nick shows us a slideshow of photos Nick has taken of the sea or the sky or the view from the South Downs. There might be a Cold play or Cure song to go with it.

It's not just emotions we feel. In the summer we feel the fresh salt ocean when we swim; we feel the wind in our faces on a walk up the Trundle and we feel awe at the beauty of England looking across the green fields to the sea. We can really feel the throbbing of a V8 engine as it speeds past us at The Goodwood Motor Circuit and the cool sand down at the dunes at West Wittering.

Other highlights include rugby on the beach at Ostend, BBQs on the beach, camping and I've got to mention swimming around the rocks at Elmer sands beach and Nick shows us at a particular time of the tide how the current will take us around the rocks without really having to swim, you just float its amazing. Being outdoors with Nick Burrin - words can't describe.

Sometimes Nick talks and makes us laugh, other times Nick goes very quiet and draws us into a deeper space where we feel like we are growing and maturing and becoming stronger. Nick takes us closer to the Absolute. Beyond doubt. That is a feeling.

I feel more love in my life including love and respect for the people I have met who come to Nick's meeting. I know for sure that I have become more humble over the past months and years. It feels good to make progress and forgive my past.

Thank You Nick for opening Your door, actually kicking the door down so that we could find Truth that Shri Mataji laid the foundations for.

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