Louise Bernard From France

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

People's experiences of Nick Burrin's Meetings

I will never forget the first time when I met Nick Burrin at his first public meeting in 2015. I remember as Nick walked into the room, you could hear a pin drop, and as he looked around at everyone, my whole being started to expand, it was the most beautiful feeling ever. Nick's face was beaming all evening and he spoke about Shri Mataji with so much passion, it was heartfelt.

Since that first meeting, I have attended many more and everything that Nick Burrin talks about you can feel his passion, his desire and his love whatever the subject, and for me that is the most inspiring. For example at one meeting Nick had been talking to us about his desire for the supermarkets to have healthier food, more affordable organic vegetables so everyone in the world can afford to be healthy and feel good. So Nick suprised everyone at the meeting by bringing out his favourite meal of homemade chicken, sweet potatoes and organic vegetables for everyone to enjoy and we all sat in the meeting eating together with Nick..and it was so thoughtful of him, and very delicious!

In the summertime I remember feeling captivated listening to Nick tell stories of his life and how he was as a child. We all then looked up at the bright stars in the night sky as we sat around the campfire at night... and sat in a beautiful silence as we waited to see if there would be any shooting stars...And of course, the sky did a show and we caught a glimpse of so many. It was perfectly timed you could say... I remember so many beautiful experiences like this being in Nick's presence.

Nick always makes everyone feel comfortable and is very attentive. He is so kind, caring, happy and always smiling. I can only imagine this is what it was like to have been sitting with Mother, as Nick describes.

Nick Burrin is so dedicated and only wants everyone to be happy.

Time spent with Nick is magnificent and I am always looking forward to the next meeting.

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