Lorraine Griffith From Australia

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

My husband and I first met Shri Mataji in Sydney in 1981 on her first Australian Tour. We had been searching in many areas; spiritual groups, psychology, new age therapies and festivals. We were not happy with the behaviour of people in groups; but despite that, decided to go to the Sydney ashram after Shri Mataji’s tour. However, we stayed for less than six months as the leader at that time was a dictator and everyone was intimidated by him. We returned in 1989, but as we lived in the countryside by then, we remained on the fringe of the group. There was always a big difference between what I perceived as Shri Mataji’s message, from listening to Shri Mataji’s talks and the behaviour of sahaja yogis. Towards the end of Mother’s life, I was very confused about Mother’s treatment and the behaviour of the people looking after Mother and I could not look at photographs of Mother taken during those last years without feeling distressed.

In 2011 I received an email from a sahaja yoga website showing the cover of Nick Burrin’s recently published book, Beyond All Doubt is Jerusalem the Golden City. I did not know who Nick Burrin was, but I knew I had to read Nick’s book and I ordered it that day. Then further books followed as they were published. Reading Nick Burrin’s books and following Nick’s Website Midnight2Dawn changed my perception of sahaja yoga and what was happening in the World. Despite hearing opposition to Nick’s books, every time I read from his books, I knew I was reading the Truth and I felt a strong connection with Mother. I realised that the sahaja yogis telling me not to read Nick’s books had not read the books themselves but were spreading gossip. I felt sahaja yoga had become just like other religions, with a hierarchy of supposed leaders, placing themselves between me and The Divine and telling me what to experience and do, which was not Mother’s message of being your own guru.

In the second half of 2016, I joined Nick Burrin’s Skype meetings. I am so grateful to Nick; Nick has changed my life and taken me on an amazing journey to realise my True Self. I no longer feel intimidated by other people, I can see their egos. I enjoy my own company even more than before and I am more capable of dealing with challenges in my life. Nick has helped me realise how refreshing it is to redecorate and declutter my life and I now enjoy feeling what is happening in the World, rather than thinking and stressing about it.

Thank you, Nick, for your books, your present website’s collection of amazing videos and your continued support of my journey.

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