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Lorraine Griffith Australia

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

People's experiences of Nick Burrin's Meetings

In August 2018 I travelled from Australia and spent two weeks in West Sussex England. During the first week I met Nick Burrin and visited some of Nick’s favourite places. The second week I camped with other people who have read Nick Burrin’s Books. We had all come to visit Nick and attend the Nick Burrin August 2018 Meeting and as it was summer holiday time many people came for the week.

The first day when I met Nick in person, as I walked across the landing from the stairs and the door to the living room opened, my perception was that the room expanded in proportion and Nick seemed to fill the room and tower over me. Then as I walked into the living room and Nick greeted me, everything returned to normal. Nick was kind and compassionate.

During the second week I camped with people from England and Belgium in the corner of a field at Baird’s Farm. It was simple and basic; a camping shop shower tent with a bucket and cold water that we collected from a tap thirty metres away and portaloos. We were the only people at the site and arranged our tents in a circle, just like the early settlers in the USA did with their wagons for protection. We had great fun and were joined everyday by people from Austria, France, Germany, Scotland and England who either lived locally or were staying in other accommodation.

Nick took us to visit The Trundle on the South Downs, The Goodwood Racetrack, Burger King, West Wittering Beach and swimming at Elmer Beach. In the evenings we all gathered with Nick at the campsite for a barbeque and sat together in a circle, inside the circle of tents under the stars. We read to Nick by torchlight, chapters of Nick Burrin’s Books and he expanded upon some of his experiences with Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. It was a magical time and I returned home feeling a different person, with a new understanding of the purpose of my life.

It was wonderful meeting Nick Burrin; and meeting other people from around the World with similar experiences and aspirations.

Thank you Nick, for holding these Meetings where we can spend time, realising more about Nick Burrin and more about ourselves. Thank you for your generosity, unconditional love and guidance whenever we desire it.

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