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Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Nick Burrin's meeting starts before I leave home as the vibrations increase knowing I am travelling to England to take part in Nick Burrin's meeting with people from all over the world to enjoy our time together in West Sussex England.

At each meeting Nick Burrin expands his knowledge and guidance to all of us through his talks and his amazing ability to create great a atmosphere. Nick takes great care of every detail for us to feel comfortable, happy and to enjoy the country side and the beautiful beaches. It’s amazing because no one else would take such great care of us coming from different country's to be with him, but Nick Burrin.

I remember at one of my first meetings Nick took us to West Beach Littlehampton to see the entrance of the River Arun to show us where the river meets the sea as described with in one of his books.

FREEDOM Dedicated Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Chapter 24. Realising Yourself in the Truth of Mother’s Light.

Paragraph 3:

In this realisation, I can’t do anything. So, there’s something about allowing and accepting in spiritual terms, which has nothing to do with any thought process. You can’t try to be thoughtless; you either are or you’re not. You can’t try and be the vibrations; you are or you’re not. It’s a question of becoming, but to become is something that is very gradual. It’s like where the river meets the ocean. They merge, but at what point do they merge? Where is the merging going on? You can’t define it.

As we all looked out to sea, Nick explained and showed us where the river water meets the sea water, merging together and the different colours of the water mixing as we become the spirit we merge with the whole, the sea the ocean becoming one together. Beautiful.

Nick also described to us the life boat station at Littlehampton run by the RNLI which stands for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution for saving lives at sea. The lifeboats are manned by my local volunteers from the town. If there's an emergency at sea a loud siren sounds across the town to announce that the volunteers need to rush to the lifeboat station to help people having difficulties at sea, whether it be fishing boats, pleasure boats, sailing boats, or bathers.

Nick will always take time to explain interesting details to us about the local area and his love of the sea.

That same day we had my favourite meal .... fish and chips with Nick and everyone sitting near the beach. West Beach is so beautiful with sand dunes and a huge sky and the sea goes into infinity. I didn’t know England was so beautiful.

What’s really uplifting and mind blowing is Nick Burrin’s simplicity and depth at every moment, having creative feelings to solve every situation whether it be personal or on a national or international basics. Nick will answer any question form any of us always with the right solution, we love to listen to Nick's advice.

There are no words that can describe Nick Burrin.

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