Liliana from England

I spoke to Nick for the first time just after I read the second book Nick wrote, Beyond All Doubt Is The Jerusalem The Golden City. I had read it over a few weeks as every word seemed so fantastic and extraordinary that I felt I needed time to absorb.

The next morning after I finished reading, I looked up Nick's name on internet and found a landline number which was at Nick's furniture company where Nick was working at the time.

A clear voice answered and I said ''could I speak to Nick Burrin please?" The voice said "speaking".

I said ''I read your book Nick and found it amazing". He spoke to me very nicely for a little while. He said that he had written another book which is quite different to Beyond All Doubt and now was writing another. I felt so honoured that Nick was sharing with me his plans and made me feel so welcome and even shared with me details from his next book.

I was training in Scotland at the time and thought I should finish my training which meant another 2 years in Scotland, before going to meet Nick.

If I could turn back time, I would arrange to meet with Nick as soon as possible. In the 2 years that followed, my life had changed dramatically not in a good way. Had I gone to meet Nick when we spoke for the first time, some unpleasant events could have been avoided. Nick helps you understand how to trust yourself and how to make decisions but especially to not doubt yourself but do everything wholeheartedly.

After I met Nick my life started to change incredibly. I learnt how important it is to follow first instinct in everything especially before making important decisions in life as first instinct is coming straight from the heart.

Most importantly, I learned to trust myself. If you follow the lead of your heart then your journey in life becomes not only very interesting and exciting but also very easy.

Nick taught me how to love myself, how to treat other people and how to persevere in obtaining everything I desire in life.

If I was to describe the things that Nick helped me with, I would have to write a whole book.

In short, Nick helped me get the job of my dreams not once but recently again, an even better one, closer to home which I never thought was possible. Nick even encouraged me to go shopping for a stylish outfit for an interview after which I was offered my current job.

Nick also helped me get the most amazing flat that was available on market at the time, a flat on seaside with an amazing sea view like I never thought was going to be possible before.

When I was unwell, Nick encouraged me to do what was right for me. We made a plan of how to get the necessary surgery done quickly in order to get better and be able to continue to work.

When I was in hospital doctors wanted to send me home despite being still in pain but knowing that Nick would support me, I insisted as things needed sorting rather than postponing. And it worked! After 2 days in hospital, I finally had surgery and returned home the next day.

I have changed a lot as I am now calmer and happier and love myself more which Nick says is so important. I enjoy life much more and I learned how to speak to people in such a way that they would offer me the help I need and treat me well.

Nick has also changed me in the way I work. I feel more confident but especially fearless and this allows me to be myself instead of pretending to be what I am not. I feel that I can apply Nick's tips in dealing with people in every walk of life.

Everything is possible. Nick also explains to us the meaning of all that is happening in the world right now so we can then encourage friends, family and colleagues and support them just as Nick supports, encourages and helps us all.

We are living the most exciting time in the history of the world as this is a time when all truth comes out and a time when the more we better ourselves, the more those around change to the better and eventually the world will follow.

This is how we change the world together. It is an amazing journey and I am so happy that I met Nick. I cannot wait for the summer to come so we can spend time together with people who come from all over the world to meet Nick.

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