Jivan From Belgium

Updated: Jan 5

As a kid I grew up with Sahaja Yoga. My mom used to meditate everyday to a photo of Shri Mataji. Sometimes I joined. 

I found certain rules very weird. Like having to vibrate your food and footsoaking. But I didn't think about it. We didn't go to any meetings or puja's but when I was about 11 my parents went back to Sahaja Yoga. So I joined puja's and other Sahaja Yoga stuff. I found it rather exhausting doing these things. And much people were quite bossy so I didn't really like them. 

When I was 12 I saw Shri Mataji in Italy. It was very special feeling this person. And while trying to give her a flower, I had a special moment.  But I found the people around her very hard, bossy and just really annoying. When I was 14 my parents and I went to the Sahaja Yoga Health Center in India. I found it rather weird, but again I didn't think about it and just did it. The doctors there were quite full of themselves, so I doubted their judgement.  A year later we went back to the Health Center. The doctors got more annoying. A lot of younger doctors joined and I never felt comfortable. You can compare it to a very very strict teacher that's watching you at all times. I never went back and didn't want it to be a part of me. My parents also left but still meditated, did footsoak, and other Sahaja Yoga stuff. I didn't want to. Then my Mom found Nick Burrin and his books. She felt really good about it. I used to listen to her reading from the books. I felt this was right, but didn't read it myself. When I was 18 I met Nick Burrin in person. I was quite curious because I always had a really good feeling about him. So it was a real opportunity. It was one of the best conversations I've ever had.  Since I met him my life has changed much in a good way. I got rid of an abusive relationship with my father. 

My girlfriend and I bought a car and a house together. I work in a place I love with lovely people. And I just feel peaceful and happy. 

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