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Isabelle from Belgium

It was August 1990. I was at an international Puja in England, and very new. Shri Mataji was giving the Puja talk.

I remember that suddenly I started really worrying about what would happen when Mother would leave. And almost at the same time, as if Shri Mataji had heard my worry, immediately answered it in the talk, and promised us that She would stay until the work was done, "fully established", how Mother said it. While Mother said that, I felt such a tremendous relief and a security, that everything had been taken care of, and would be all right.

I always wondered what would happen, what would be the next to come, how would all this play out?

In 2015, 25 years later, and 4 years after Mother had left, someone gave me Nicks books to read and I read them all.

I felt so uplifted, astonished, could this be possible? Someone telling the truth like this?

It was so logic to me, it made total sense and it was such a story! How amazing to get to know about the life of Shri Mataji finally, and to have a look into heaven on earth, even to be part of it!

Then I wondered who is this amazing person, who has written these books and has this incredible love for Shri Mataji?

I looked at Nick's website and saw that we could contact and meet Nick.

And that's what I did and I am amazed how my life has changed since then, and how it still keeps changing now.

And this brings me back to 1990, the Puja, where Shri Mataji promised to stay until the work was done, "fully established".

How important it was that Mother had said this, how true.

And isn't it amazing that the whole story about how this happened is in Nick's books, and we can just read it?

I feel so grateful to be a part of this and for all the amazing experiences, this exciting life. Thank you so much.

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