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Updated: Mar 15

People's experiences of Nick Burrin's Meetings

Who is Nick Burrin?

Maybe this short story explains little more?

When I was at Nick Burrin's meeting in St. Maxime in France, the first morning, at breakfast I was not feeling comfortable in myself. Suddenly Nick came sitting at our table, and very kindly was talking to us. Meanwhile Nick was talking I felt a tremendous power in my heart and my whole system was opening up, and it was only in a few seconds, I felt so good and happy and relax, and all the bad feelings just were vanished.

This experience was a big lesson for me for all the years to come. From now on every time I got similar feelings, I knew without a doubt it was Nick's attention on me. And so a beautiful communication started with my own spirit.

And there is much more. Nick Burrin's attention is not only on this level, but in fact on every level there is. Like one example for me I was not happy in my situation I was living in, but didn't know how to get out of it. And after having met Nick, all this worked out, and I divorced, bought a house of my own and earn my own living, and I feel happy in it. And why it worked out? Desire, Nick's desire for every living being to be happy and taken care of.

How many times did Shri Mataji speak about desire? About being thoughtless? Having your attention on her all the time? becoming the spirit? All this is true, all this is real, the subtle system is real you can feel it, experience it every moment of the day and it communicates with you. Everything Shri Mataji said is reality, is true and thanks to Nick Burrin, who managed to feel and really experience everything that Shri Mataji wanted to pass us on, now Nick is really pushing into every human being.

So please, if you feel confused in Sahaja Yoga, it is normal, because the things you learn from Shri Mataji are true, but it is the people from whom you learn, who are in charge, who don't feel it in the right way or not at all, and so they don't behave normal and confuse you, or even make you sick. So read Nick Burrin's book's dedicated to Shri Mataji Nirmial Devi today and change your life and become happy and leave the past behind. Contact Nick via his web site.

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