Angela from Belgium

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

I love coming to Nick Burrin's meetings, as many people from other countries are all together. I love to listening to Nick's stories and his jokes it is so enjoyable.

I remember experiencing this feeling for the first time at Nick Burrin's meeting in Ostend.

It was on the Friday evening, when we were all sitting together in the lounge of the Andromeda Hotel.

This meeting was so relaxed, omg and it was such a joy to see how Nick was really enjoying our togetherness very much, and so were we.

On Saturday Nick spent a lot of time with us all, and we even played rugby on the beach. That was real fun!

We walked to the pier along the sea shore and we were able to have more personal conversations with Nick.

Nick Burrin's meetings are a real focus on so many different subjects. And every time there is something new that I learn from being with Nick in person and I thank Nick very much for that.

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