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Ineke from Belgium

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

People's experiences who have met Nick Burrin

When you say in ‘Heaven Before Life and Life Before Heaven’: “It is my understanding of how I was created for this purpose How my life Mother designed to the perfect point”, I feel my life was designed to find Shri Mataji and Nick Burrin.

This is why I feel maybe it would be best if I start really early in my life to explain how I found Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga and finally Nick Burrin…(I hope You will not find it too long).

When I was a child I was always a very good student and I liked learning, but at some point, around the age of fourteen, I started wondering what the point of all this information was. I wanted to know the purpose of life and why I was here… My father had many books about Zen meditation, Buddhism and Hatha Yoga and a whole new world opened for me. I also read about reincarnation and it all made perfect sense to me , I felt that their was a deeper meaning to life that I had to know more about.

At the age of twenty eight I was alone after I ended a long term relationship and my best friend had also broken up with her boyfriend, so we decided we would go on a long journey to Nepal and India, in search of spirituality ( maybe we would find an enlightened yogi to help us grow and meditate…). Sadly we travelled for 6 months, but only found a lot of false guru’s and blind faith.

Then, by mere ‘chance’ I saw a folder from Sahaja Yoga in a shop just a few minutes from where I worked and my friend and I went to the meeting (in fact she took the initiative).

I was immediately intrigued by Shri Mataji and I could feel every word She said was true and I also felt Her love and joy. So on the one hand I was really excited, but on the other hand I had my doubts about the way people behaved and I was afraid it might be a cult.

Because I wanted to be sure about all of this and because I wanted to know who Shri Mataji really was, I decided I would go on the India tour, after being in Sahaja Yoga for only three months. This was in December 1993.

At first my doubts increased, as people were all wearing Indian clothes and badges with photo’s of Shri Mataji and everyone kept saying “Jai Shri Mataji” the whole time. But then when I saw Mother, I could feel so many vibrations and love, that all my doubts vanished, this was what I had been looking for all my life!

When we had to leave on New Year’s Eve, Mother was going to come for a Puja, but the Belgians had to go to catch the plane and everyone was already in the bus. I felt I could not leave before seeing Mother again, so I ran in the hope to see Her for just a moment. I was so lucky, because Mother just got out of Her car and there was hardly anyone around and She looked straight into my eyes. This moment has stayed with me ever since, as it was so powerful!

So Shri Mataji never really talked to me, but I had some more powerful moments when I was close to Mother or when I danced for Her in Cabella.

The first years I was in Sahaja Yoga I felt really great and I could feel the vibrations change me for the better. I married and my daughter was born in 1994 and my son in 1996.

Then slowly things started to change, in 2001 I had a burnout and I divorced my husband. In Sahaja Yoga things started to change, new people didn’t stay after a course and there were conflicts between leaders, many people left…

When I was in Sahaja Yoga. I did many things, especially creative things like painting and dancing and doing activities with the children and translating Mother’s talks. Still I felt that maybe I was not a very ‘good yogi’: I never married in SahajaYogi. or sent my children to the schools, I was never a leader and did not know much about all the rituals and the organising. Now I know that this was actually a good thing!

Then in 2006 I married Joost and Flore was born. Then I believe in 2013 (I’m really bad with dates), an e-mail came from a Sahaja. Yogi from Ghent, who said he had read ‘Beyond All Doubt Is Jerusalem the Golden City’ and he really loved it! So I ordered the book and I found it was amazing: it showed how Nick Burrin could grow in his spiritual evolution and what might be possible for all of us.

I did not know there were any other books, so I kind of forgot about it. Then one day we went to meditate at a sahaja yogi’s house and there I learned that there were other books! I was very excited and I immediately ordered all of Nick Burrin's books.

The realisations in the other books were just mind blowing and I could literally feel the vibrations coming out of them. When I read Your names in Freedom I had to cry so much, eveything fell into place and made sense once again!

At that time I was having severe doubts about SahajaYoga. and I knew we were kept in the dark about numerous things. The vibrations and the joy were gone…

Then another e-mail came, saying that the people going to Nick Burrin’s Meeting would be expelled from SahajaYoga. This was bad news for me for two reasons: first I was really disappointed that I didn’t know about the Meeting, now I would miss it. Secondly it showed just how bad SahajaYoga. had become and I

decided to leave for good. I then sent Nick Burrin an e-mail to ask if I could come to his next Meeting in October 2015 and fortunately Nick gave me permission to come!

If I see how my life has changed since I read the books and met Nick Burrin in person it is amazing. I first broke up with the people from SahajaYoga. ,then I got rid of all the stuff, not only from SahajaYoga., but also from my ex- husband, all old stuff and ultimately all the stuff from my parents as Nick had advised me.

Nick made me realise how important it is to protect my own vibrations and the space I live in Also Nick Burrin made me see the truth about every aspect of life: politics, health, education, food, environment, art… But maybe most important of all is that Nick taught me to feel and not to think and that I can rely on my feelings!

If I look back now at my life I feel as if every step has guided me to Nick and that all the things I felt as a child and also later on in my life were actually true. Even if I look at Nick Burrin's website and all the things he likes, it is so similar to the things I love: the sea, the music, the films… It is as if everything Nick says is not completely new to me but more like a deep knowledge rediscovered…

Dear Nick, I can never thank You and Shri Mataji enough for all Your truth and knowledge and love.

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