Igor Fruehauf from Austria

I learned about Nick Burrin and his books from some sahaja yoga blog in May 2011 and met Nick Burrin in person at his first public meeting in June 2015. Meeting Nick was a groundbreaking moment in my life and since then continuously until this very moment. Nick has helped me in literally countless hours with all possible and impossible things in my life. Parents, children, marriage... all sorted out. I mean, that part alone is a universe on its own. 

And it's unbelievable but Nick even found us a new flat and helped us to move. As if that wasn't enough, Nick also found us our new car and helped us to sell the old car back to the seller after a year and Nick helped us to get a full refund. Nick helped us by writing a letter with all the details of mechanical failures and disappointments we had with that car.

Here is something which may sound funny but I have never been very happy with my hair and Nick even recommended me a Barber I should go and try and I now like my haircut for the first time in my life. And that of course leads to loving myself more. How nicely connected it all is.

When I look back and see myself in 2015 before meeting Nick Burrin I can't believe the difference I see. 

Nick Burrin's books unveil the truth on all existing levels of human consciousness. They unveil the truth about Shri Mataji. And they say the truth about sahaja yoga. 

In my eyes all would be meaningless without Nick Burrin's books and I am absolutely thankful Nick for writing them so that I had the opportunity to find Nick Burrin.

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