Igor from Russia

How I met Mother

I got my first experience of Kundalini awakening and self-realization from Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi at Shri Mataji’s Public Program in Moscow, Russia, in autumn of 1990.

I was in Sahaja Yoga rather actively till 1998. Every year Mother has been visiting Russia personally and I was attending Shri Mataji's Public Programs and Pujas. I also started to attend local Sahaja Yoga programs weekly, doing Sahaja Yoga treatments and meditating at home.

At some point in early 90-s and later on I felt that I did not like or could not accept certain things and some people in the Sahaja Yoga movement. So I had to decide what was important for me in Sahaja Yoga and what I had to ignore. The most important for me were Shri Mataji’s Talks, Mantras and meditation.

When Shri Mataji stopped visiting Russia after Mother’s visit in 1998, I started finding reasons not to attend the local Sahaja Yoga programs, because they have become dull and boring. I continued meditating and cleansing at home, trying to get new Talks of Mother and transcribing/translating them.

I drifted away from Sahaja yoga after 2000. But no one ever said to me ‘you are out of Sahaja Yoga’. I left that institution myself.

How I met Nick (and found Mother again)

I read a blog of an ex-sahaja yogi which he started in 2008 and all those years he was adding new pages to it. In August 2015 I was reading that blog and there was an announcement about Nick Burrin with very positive comments about Nick and a link to Nick’ Burrin's website. I clicked the link and… it was a breath of fresh air, it was something I was looking for. I said, at last someone is writing in a right way about Shri Mataji, with such tremendous love. I was interested instantly and started reading the site in and out. Looking through the site I found an audio where Nick was reading the 108 Names from his book Freedom - Dedicated to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi,  which was describing Nick's relationship with Mother and The Deities.  It was a great experience, my Kundalini responded in such a way that I could not have any doubts: I had found Mother again.

Then I contacted Nick and I wanted to read all of Nick’ Burrin's Books. Then I found the way how to buy the Books on Amazon and I bought them all at once as Kindle e-books. I read the Books one by one, starting with So Daisy’s Really Are Made In Heaven, then Beyond All Doubt Is Jerusalem The Golden City, The Absolute, Freedom and finally Heaven Before Life And Life Before Heaven – all the Books available at that time. It was like never before, it was a new start with change of direction.

Then I started to attend all Nick Burin’s Skype Meetings where I was invited along with other people who wanted to be with Nick. Soon I understood that I could trust Nick a hundred percent and that was confirmed by vibrations and that was feeling great.

In August 2017 I came to Nick Burrin’s Meeting in England for the first time personally and I’ll never forget those days. Being at Nick’s space and in Nick’s attention is an unbelievable experience, it’s like you’ve come home at last. It’s everything you want; all the rest is not worthy.

What Nick Burrin has helped me with

Nick Burrin’s web-site helped me to find Nick and to feel the cool vibrations again.

Nick Burrins's Books helped me to learn about what we all should become and what we all should know – the truth, the reality, God’s love and attention. Also I learned the truth about Mother’s Life and what destroyed it along with Sahaja Yoga. The Books are magnificent; when you read them again and again they always feel like new Books to you because they change you each time you read them, making you deeper and deeper. But you cannot remember them at all. I’ve never read such amazing Books in my whole life.

Nick Burrin’s Meetings helped me to realize and understand myself better, understand that I’m worthy. In this life I never knew that I should love my Self and what my Self is.

Nick let me realize that I am in a mess along with the rest of humanity and Nick showed me the way out of it. Nick showed me what was always making me unhappy and how to stop this negative influence once and for all.

Nick helped me to come back to normality and to start living with love and without thinking in this mundane life. Nick showed me how to act in the moment considering all the details; how to change the space we live in.

The most important catalyst for change in my life after I met Nick Burrin was the shift from thinking to feeling, and it’s easier said than done, but try it with Nick and you’ll do it.

Nick is real; we can totally trust Nick; we have to follow Nick because there is no other way for us to get rid of our past, overcome our thoughts and all the negativity which is killing us every day, stealing our life, love, joy and happiness.

Dear Nick, thank you ever so much for everything you do for us.

With love and respect to Nick Burrin and everything he stands for

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