Godelieve From Belgium

Updated: Jan 4

The first time I met Nick Burrin it was very special. I came to England from Belgium and I was so excited to meet Nick. Nick told us so much about Shri Mataji that we didn't know. I felt Nick's kindness and love for everyone.

The meeting that I loved the most was in Ostend when we played on the beach, we were like children and also this summer in September when we where on the beach in England we had a barbecue and everyone had so much fun. The talks that Nick gives are always amazing and my favourite was the Announcement and the talk about Jesus Christ.  But for me I am always looking forward to seeing Nick Burrin because he has changed my life so much, also my daughter's, her husband's  and my the grandchildren. We are so happy and fortunate that we have Nick. Thank you so much Nick         

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