Florence From Germany

Updated: Feb 9

Until 1993 I had felt very happy time in sahaja yoga, but then I noticed untruth in writings and videos with Shri Mataji, disrespect for Mother's instructions, control over Mother by her family and doctors, manipulation of sahaja yoga by the leaders, Mother's husband and family. All this made me very sad and helpless until  May 2011 which was three months after Mother left her physical form when I found Nick Burrin by a fortunate circumstance on the internet, ironically through a sahaja yoga page.

 I read the first two books by Nick Burrin, “So Daisy's Really Are Made In Heaven" and "Beyond All Doubt Is Jerusalem The Golden City". What a blessing to finally read the truth and to finally feel the truth through the universal language of Nick Burrin. Nick's next books "The Absolute", "Freedom" and "Heaven Before Life And Life Before Heaven" finally gave me all the answers to my questions about Shri Mataji's life and sahaja yoga. God, I am grateful for that. In June 2015 Nick Burrin's first public meeting took place in West Sussex and since then I have had the opportunity to experience Nick personally. Nick speaks directly and normally about all life topics that are important to live a happy life, health, family, job and career, politics, education and school and many other topics.

Thank God for Nick Burrin.

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