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Didier Vander From France

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

I met Shri Mataji during a lecture in Paris in 1982 and I practised Sahaja Yoga for 4 years. So, even if I didn't understood clearly who was the Adi Shakti at that time, I could feel the opening of my heart chakra and I will never forget this feeling.

Then, away from Sahaja Yoga, I have lived an almost normal life for 25 years before I met some sahaja Yogis on their booth in a wellness fair of the city where I am living in the south of France. There I could feel again the cool breeze rising up in my back and I practised Sahaja Yoga for the five following years until I read Nick Burrin's books in the summer of 2016.

Reading Nick's books was more than a revelation for me, because I understood it was not necessary to follow any all day long rituals and to repeat special mantras or sing any songs for hours. I realised the best way to get my kundalini awake and to open my chakras was as simple and natural as what a child is doing by calling his mother to be close to him!

So thanks to Nick Burrin's writings and advice, I realised at that time we were conditioned by rituals and that was now over because our eternal Mother is just inside of us, always ready to rise up upon our sincere request.

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