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Diana From England

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

I first read So Daisy's Really are made in Heaven in 2011 while visiting family in California. Then I read Beyond All Is Jerusalem The Golden City Dedicated to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in England soon after my return.

Shri Mataji had given me my realisation in 1984 at a public meeting on the Isle of White and I was in sahaja yoga for several years visiting Shudy Camps many times and attending various Pujas. I was so happy at that time and really felt so grateful that Shri Mataji had given me a chance. When Shudy Camps was sold and Shri Mataji  was no longer in England I began to feel that something wasn't right. I noticed  a change in the way the sahaja yogis treated each other and how they felt about Mother. When Shri Mataji became really ill and the committee was formed then I really felt it was the beginning of the end of sahaja yoga as I knew it. I was shocked that Mother's husband was sitting on the stage with Mother and I tried to always keep my attention on Mother only. 

After some time I really didn't feel welcome at the meetings or pujas any more, also my physical and mental health were deteriorating and so gradually I stopped going to meetings and focused on meditation on my own. I was bewildered and confused by what had happened but for some time I lived not far from another yogini and her family which was a great comfort but when they moved house we lost touch.  I was on my own until I contacted Nick Burrin and discovered that Nick had written many more books. oh joy! I ordered them all immediately and began reading them the  moment they arrived. No housework was done for several weeks. I felt thank God, thank God. I felt so relieved and happy and could not get enough of Nick Burrin's books, reading and reading.

At last, after contacting Nick, I attended one of Nick Burrin's public meetings in July 2018. I arrived late and felt stressed, and tired having done battle on the M 25 on one of the hottest days of the year. I will never forget my first glimpse of you Nick as I arrived and knew in that moment that it had all been worth it. You made me feel welcome immediately and as I listened to you talk all my tensions melted and I gradually cooled and felt Shri Mataji's presence. I felt so lucky to be there and never wanted to leave.. and since then my life has changed completely. With your help I was able to stand up for myself in dealing with family business and to realise what a horrible negative influence my family have had on my life. My mental and physical health have improved and I no longer suffer from depression. I love my life and some long held dreams are beginning to come true. I find joy in everyday situations, in simple things and am touched by the kindness of goodhearted people that have come into my life since meeting you.

Thank you for telling us the Truth about Shri Mataji's life and what Shri Mataji went through for us. Thank you Nick for all your love and support in helping us realise the Truth for ourselves.

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