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Updated: Mar 15, 2020

At First, I Will Tell You Our Journey Towards Joining Sahaja Yoga Where We Lasted for Only 6 Years.

When we shifted to Navi Mumbai (New Mumbai) my mom faced mental harassment internally from a gurus, where she was heading towards depression because she was not able to understand what’s going on internally, she was not able to tell to anyone about this matter and was not able to find logical explanation for this (internal talking fear) it was in year of 2004-05. Then my classmate who was in Sahaja Yoga got vibrations from me. She took notes from me and promised me that she will return the notes. Then she came with her mother and introduced to my mother where she told us about Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and Sahaja Yoga. Afterward we joined Sahaja Yoga but unfortunately, we (me, my mom and dad) never got a chance to meet Shri Mataji in person.

My mom wanted to know the experience of meeting mother in person so she started asking to each and every centre leader when there a Sahaja Yoga Pooja meetings. One leader Mr Golab suggested my mom to read more of Shri Mataji's books and speeches of Shri Mataji's video tapes. Then my mom got the real essence of what  Shri Mataji wanted the world to be and why mother created Sahaja Yoga. After listening to mother’s speech and reading mother’s books we saw that slowly true followers of  Shri Mataji were leaving Sahaja Yoga which was in year of 2009 where there was strong holding of negative forces taking place. Mr Golab who suggested my mom to read and listen to  Shri Mataji's speech also stepped down from his leadership position.

I told my mom not to go to any centres before 2009 as from 2006 I saw most of them were affected by 7 negative qualities which are greedy envy, liar, lust, gluttony, pride, anger and were trapped. But my mom never listened to me as she thought from her ego that I am kid and I don’t understand anything. After her accident on the highway during my 10th Board Exam in 2010 she slowly understood that I was telling her the truth. I used to say to my mom that do the meditation from home and try to connect to mother and mother only, don’t try to connect yourself with other yogis as it is against of what  Shri Mataji said.

 If you are able toc onnect to mother then you are able connect to mother’s “true” children who are following mother’s protocol where we can be a all big family. As my mom is like a little kid who wants to enjoy with members of a big family, she wanted that and she thought that Sahaja Yoga was that ‘Family’ were she could enjoy like her own family.

Now We Have Come to The Point Where We Discovered Nick’s Burrin's Books My Uncle from my mom's side reached to extreme stage of schizophrenia in the year 2011. We started looking for who we could ask for help who was following mother’s exact protocol. We asked Dr. Madhurai (who was head of  Shri Mataji's Health Centre in Navi Mumbai), to help us for treatment of my uncle in that centre. But Dr. Madhurai suggested not to do treatment from the health centre but rather to go outside and ask treatment from any other doctors who are not in Sahaja Yoga because she said if you are doing the treatment from the health centre it could become worse.

Then after meeting with Dr. Madhurai, we started looking on the internet. My mom prayed to Shri Mataji to please show us the way where we can meet your protocol child who can solve our problem. After her praying I was just surfing through the shopping website called ‘Flipkart’ (which is a competitor to amazon in India) as that time Amazon did not come to India. My mom then started scolding me and said “instead of finding the solution for your uncle you’re surfing in shopping website”. I lied a little bit by saying that no no I was finding  Shri Mataji's book that will help us in solving our problem. Then my mom sat next to me and asked me to show her what  books were available on the website.

Book at first sight (which is similar to love at first sight) was ‘The Absolute Dedicated to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi by Nick Burrin. Then we placed the order for the book.

After reading it, we got all our doubts cleared and our questions were answered completely in The Absolute. We ordered 2 more books as you have mentioned in The Absolute - So Daisys Really are Made in Heaven and Beyond All Doubt Is Jerusalem The Golden City: Dedicated to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. 

I left Sahaja Yoga in 2011 and my mom and dad finally listened to me and experienced negativity in Sahaja Yoga and left in 2013.

When we shifted to Pune from Navi-Mumbai in 2012 for my college, we got more of Nick Burrin's books and read them and again we re-verified with our experiences and surprisingly all our experiences matched till your book ‘Silence’.

I used to email Nick Burrin's website regarding any doubt or questions that I or my mom had. Then surprisingly I asked Nick in the email whether you use Skype we had a desire to have 1 on 1 with Nick. Nick agreed to have on 1 conversation with us which was in 2016. Where Nick asked us to read any 1 paragraph from his book as per our wish. We then felt out true spiritual family.

At first before meeting Nick Burrin, we were not able to understand how negativity attacks us and in which manner; Now after meeting Nick we are able to understand  where the negativity is attacking us and in which manner.

Before meeting Nick Burrin I was slowly loosing all hope that our economic condition will improve or I will contribute towards my family but after meeting Nick I got all positive hopes that one day our economic condition will improve and I will be able to contribute for improving the economic condition of my family. 


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