Dan from France

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

In the last 4 years I followed Nick Burrin's meetings in person or through Skype.

Nick helped me and he is helping everyone with problems related to our own life. He speaks about all the subjects, and you should be ready to hear things that maybe you don't like about yourself, your circle, and he is straight to the point.

Nick changed fundamentally my manner I see the world, the major events, the situation in our countries, UE, Brexit... It's a pleasure to hear him speaking about politics, sports, music, education, movies and health... take a look at "My passion for life" on his website (https://www.nickburrin.com/passionforlife-homepage)

Nick says "we are the people", simple people, wholehearted, and this changes everything.

I love seeing Nick, swimming at Elmer, eating a double whooper at BK, going to West Wittering, driving the car with Nick at the meetings.

Thank you Nick for your attention on everything.

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