Gabriel from France

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

I followed Shri Mataji's teachings during 25 years, practiced sahaja yoga, and I loved to do it during the first years, but later a kind of routine with less flavor appeared, and in the last years the situation degenerated dramatically.

Finding and reading Nick Burrin's books about Shri Mataji triggered a deep feeling inside me, it awaked me, regenerated me, and somehow I clearly felt something should change in my life and I decided to leave the organization and listen to Nick.

Nick Burrin organized his first meeting in June 2015 and that was a turning point, a new beginning.

I felt cool vibrations in Nick Burrin's presence similar with the vibrations I've felt in my first months in sahaja yoga. It was really extraordinary.

Since then I understood what happened to Shri Mataji, what's happening with the collective, now I see the life differently and become let's say much more a "normal person" ☺ This is funny really, because I love now people more than before.

It's a great chance for me to have met Nick Burrin, and I thank him with my heart.

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