Corinne from France

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

I was in sahaja yoga for around twenty years and I remember the first feelings I had listening Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ’s speeches. Such simple and « going to the heart » words. It felt like finding an understanding and cosy shelter for my heart and soul. Over the years I had some very deep experiences once in a while but the organization took more and more « space » compared to the relationship with Mother. The things started to change when Mother was sick and after reading Nick Burrin’s book about the truth I wish I had rebel at this time because Mother’s sickness was not natural it was her husband and family that poison her to take control of sahaja yoga. Then the worst came after Mother’s departure. Though Shri Mataji’s message is a message of love, people started to fight with each other openly when before it was more hidden. It was difficult to stand the judgements and the aggressiveness.

Then my husband discovered Nick Burrin’s books and talked many times about them before deciding one day to go and attend a meeting in England. He came back very happy about it and slowly started to introduce me to Nick through skype. The first time I met Nick there was no protocol around him, he invited us to sit in his sitting room and Nick asked us questions to know more about us, me and one of my daughter and we felt very well welcomed. What I like about Nick is that he is very transparent about everything, he doesn’t hide anything and his way of approaching the things make you become more simple, normal and less judgemental about yourself and others. Nick, through his constant realisations that he shares with us during monthly meetings, teaches us to invite God in our everyday life, to feel instead of thinking. He makes everyone feels good and equal in the group and doesn’t accept judgement and nonsense. The only thing Nick ask is respect. Respect for him and respect for the other people of the group. Otherwise nothing is important, the protocol is minimal and we share good times together during the week end’s meeting like going to different beaches, to the Southdowns, to simple restaurants or having barbecues. Nick tells us that to enjoy life it’s the most important too.

Though the path of self realisation is long I feel lucky to know and follow Nick Burrin and I thank him for his guidance.

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