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Christine B. (France) February 2023

I have been attending Nick’s meetings since 2017 and I have read all of Nick’s books which have brought me so much Truth in so many areas.

I was lucky enough to meet Nick twice in 2018 and I have a unique memory because Nick is unique.

Nick exudes a lot of respect, simplicity, humility and grace on every level.

I was lucky enough to be received at Nick’s home and be able to prepare a meal for Nick which was an honour for me.

Nick has helped me a lot in my life because all the advice Nick gave me allowed me to grow, to evolve and to change my life totally.

Although not easy to achieve, leaving my comfort zone and moving alone 800 km. from the area I had always lived, I did it without a doubt and today I thank Nick infinitely because my life has been transformed.

The meditations and the reading of Nick’s books soothe me enormously and bring me an inner serenity so sought after for years.

I am convinced that the abuses in the world, the inequalities and the injustices can be transformed with the desire of all of us and the unconditional Love taught by Nick because Nick has the keys to achieve them.

Thank you, Nick, for what You do for us every day, thank You…thank You so much

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