Christine Acke From Belgium

Updated: Mar 15

People's experiences who have met Nick Burrin

Someone in sahaja yoga introduced Nick Burrin's Books in early 2015.

I first read The Absolute Dedicated to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and then Heaven Before Life And Life Before Heaven, Nick Burrin describes in his books exactly what happened to Shri Mataji. I immediately felt the Truth about Shri Mataji and what had really happened to Mother.

It became clear why I felt dominated in sahaja yoga and why they were constantly telling me what to do and realised why this did not feel right. I felt frightened and uneasy all the time. Both my children felt depressed.

After reading Nick Burrin's Books, I went to Nick Burrin's first public meeting in England on 20th June 2015.

More and more I started to feel free from the shackles and the chains of sahaja yoga. People's behaviour in sahaja yoga was really wierd everything Mother had taught us was lost and it was affecting me and my children.

Nick Burrin has showed us how to be normal and lead a normal life within society and to be happy and full of confidence.

Nick has taught us how to stand up for ourselves and not allow anyone to abuse or dominate us anymore.

Self respect and self confidence have come instead.

Thanks to Nick Burrin I finally know the whole Truth about Shri Mataji's life, the Truth about God and what has gone wrong with sahaja yoga it is so clear to see and Nick Burrin's book The Absolute and The Truth explain everything and one would need to know.

Our family is finally feeling happy and in harmony, this is a true life's fulfilment and only Nick Burrin has made this possible.

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