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Chris Sparkes From England

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

People's experiences who have met Nick Burrin

I was working in the workshop one day and I remembered that Nick Burrin had said we should have a chair for Shri Mataji. I looked around and the chairs had stuff on them. I cleared one and put it near the window so Mother could see the garden and be near me as I was working on a bike at the time. The vibrations were suddenly amazing, stronger than anything I'd felt for years, it was fantastic and I felt Shri Mataji was there sitting in the chair in my workshop. Nick has said if you want an experience to affirm any doubt, just ask for one and that was definitely one for me. It was a very powerful experience.

I had left Sahaja Yoga some years before and I was confused as to what my relationship with Mother was meant to be. I saw Shri Mataji years later and wondered why Shri Mataji was so ill and not talking or smiling and no one seemed to have an explanation. It was hard.

I found Nick Burrin via a link someone had sent about Nick Burrin's books. I knew Nick from years ago in Sahaja Yoga. I'd spent some time with Nick at Shudy Camps and on both our first India tour. He was lovely to be with, good fun, and very enthusiastic about it all and thirsty for truth and had so much love for Shri Mataji. Nick made me feel good, he was a lovely person to be around and it didn't take him long to be very popular, there was a real magnetism about Nick.

So when I met Nick Burrin all these years later and told Nick my story it was lovely to meet him again. I'm so grateful Nick helped me understand Shri Mataji. Nick Burrin has cleared all the confusion. I don't have to feel guilty for past mistakes and its so simple to be with Nick.

Thank you Nick for all your realisations and all your love.

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