Barbara from Australia

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

I first met Shri Mataji in 1983 when she came to Australia. I felt like I had found the Mother I had been looking for all my life. I knew Shri Mataji was telling me the truth and I wanted to know more so I decided to go along to the sahaja yoga follow up meetings.

Sahaja yoga became part of my life but as time passed I became uneasy, feeling that things were unobtrusively changing, but not for the better. I felt uncomfortable with the direction Sahaja yoga was going and things became more organized and controlled. People became aggressive to each other and Sahaja yoga was moving in a different direction to Shri Mataji teachings. Mothers message of becoming you own guru was completely lost. I could not understand what was happening.

I watched as Shri Mataji's health began to suffer eventually Mother stopped speaking to us. People in Sahaja yoga started to relate to Mother's husband, who was a bureaucrat. He decided sahaja yoga should be run with committees like an organization. It was at this time I realised this “movement” had been growing silently behind the scenes for quite some time and suddenly selected people rose to power and Mothers message and teachings were lost.

I was confused, I felt lost, very sad and alone and did not know where to go or whom to turn to. Shri Mataji was everything to me. I left Sahaja yoga but I could not let go of Mother and everything Mother had taught me.

in 2011 a friend introduced me to Nick Burrin's books and I began to read them every day. I loved reading the books and felt the truth in Nick's words. My life started to change and I began to have a purpose and feel better about myself.

In 2015 I attended Nick Burrin's Book launch, I wanted to meet the author of the truly amazing books I had been reading and my life was changing. When I met Nick I felt his gentle nature, he was sincere and kind and spoke to those present in a very straight forward and open way. It was very refreshing and I felt Nick was speaking the truth. After the meeting I was completely thoughtless and felt very peaceful. This thoughtless awareness was something Shri Mataji had spoken to us about. It was an experience I could not deny.

From that day I have continued to read Nick Burrin's books and bought the new books as they were published. I now understand what happened in Sahaja yoga and the abominable way Shri Mataji was treated and how Shri Mataji's life’s work has been destroyed.

It is unbelievable how much my life has changed and how much Nick Burrin has helped me. Every day I thank God that I have come to know Nick and have read Nick Burrin's books. I feel satisfied and fulfilled and I am happy and healthy and enjoy every day and relationships with my family and friends have improved and strengthened.

My life would not have changed without Nick Burrin. I would never have understood the purpose of Shri Mataji's life and the unimaginable way Mother was treated, without Nick. Nor would I have come to understand how Shri Mataji has managed everything if it weren’t for Nick. Nick Burrin's books are keeping Shri Mataji's truths alive, it is a miracle………a story beyond belief but a reality.

I had been seeking a Spiritual aspect to my life for many years and although I had looked in many places I had not found what I was looking for. Actually I never really understood what it was I was looking for during those years it seemed there was an inner force driving me to find something.

By chance I found Nick Burrin’s books and began reading. It felt my heart understood what I was reading but my actual life was another thing.

Nick helped me see and understand how my subtle system worked and how I was relating to negative thoughts and feelings from the past. I began to understand the meaning of being my own guru and this meant I was the only one that could change myself. I had to forgive myself and love myself.

It hasn’t always been easy but Nick was always there for me, like a shining light helping me to see my way. I would not he where I am without Nick. Nick Burrin's books, patience, encouragement and love, his only motivation for me to be happy and to become my own guru.

So what I thought was my spiritual life began to merge with my actual life and my life started to change in unimaginable ways. Nicks message was to always follow my heart and forgive myself.

There is no way I can really thank you Nick. I am truly grateful for what you have given me and you have my deepest respect, gratitude and love.

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