Barbara Napper From Australia

People's experiences of Nick Burrin's Meetings

My second visit to England was in May / June 2017 and my husband Alan came with me. 

I was really looking forward to being with Nick Burrin again and the journey seemed much easier. There were quite a few countries represented and we all enjoyed being together with Nick.

The meetings spread over a weekend in May and June. During those meetings Nick Burrin talked to us about being our own guru, our own person. And the importance of bringing our spiritual life into our normal everyday life. Nick shared his experiences and stories of Shri Mataji and his love for Mother and Mother's love for him. Nick spoke to us about not thinking or worrying. and about the importance of feeling. It was so wonderful.

We also had a lot of fun. There we were in Burger King enjoying Nick Burrin’s company and the company of people from different countries and a hamburger. Who would have thought.

Nick also took us to quite a few places that were special to him. The place I remember so well was our visit to the Trundle. It was lovely to be out in the fresh air and to enjoy the incredible views of the west Sussex South Downs. It has amazing contrasts of green in its fields, pastures, hedgerows and woodlands. The English channel in the distance beyond the estuary of Chichester. Quite a contrast to the harsh and rugged Australian landscape. The greenness was so soothing, so peaceful. We loved being there.

We spent time together some lying on the green grass, others just sitting around chatting together. I learnt that William Blake was inspired by the view of the Trundle and the surrounding South Downs to write the poem Jerusalem in 1804.

After such a wonderful time it was hard to say goodbye. It was a privilege to spend time with Nick Burrin, and Alan and I both looked forward to the next time. 

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