Atirama from Austria

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

I was born in Sahaja Yoga as we say as a realised Soul. At the age of seven I was sent to India not willingly and survived! Sahaja yoga was a blessing at that time but I realised really early that something just didn’t feel right. In our school (ISPS International Sahaj Public School) we had our routines. Wake up meditate, breakfast, assembly, school, lunch, school, homework, creativity time as well as sports, footsoak, meditate and sleep. It was said that if we didn’t clear our self we already had bad vibrations. If we started talking back to our teachers bad vibrations. If we were doing sports we were to hyper on our right side. And if we missed our parents we were too much on our left side. So actually we always had bad vibrations except when we actually did everything what they told us to do then we were clear. When I saw this on just one page I knew this was just not right. I was sick every year and that more then twice. Your energy was robbed out in a way as if u were manipulated. We had our good times like dancing and singing with the best teachers ever. They gave us hope and joy but everything else was just not feeling right.

The only thing I really wished for was for Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi to just come by and really make a point there. I felt very sad for all the work she did for us kids...

When we finally got to stay home I stopped everything Meditation, footsoak, etc.. I had enough of this routine and wanted to stay away from all the things they were teaching us back then. I went through lots of fights and discussions with my parents. They just couldn’t understand us. I was so lost and misunderstood I really had no plan anymore.

I started questioning myself why am I alive and for what purpose again. Years have past and I was ignoring everything about Sahaja yoga. During that time my parents were on there next move searching for something more and clearer. That when they found Nick Burrin!

I was 18 when I first got to see Nick Burrin on Skype. At first I really didn’t want to believe that there was still hope for this world but just looking at him made me realize OMG that can’t be. I had my doubts but after seeing my parents change in months and so quickly I new this is right. I had my problems too from the past years and what I have gone through. Now when I look back I wouldn’t have believed that I could move on so quickly. I had problems with loving my self and now I am starting to understand what it actually really means. Thanks to Nick Burrin I can dream and achieve a lot in my life again. I am stronger then ever and I now know who I am. It’s hard to understand what’s right or wrong but the more u get to know yourself the more u trust yourself.

I was in a bad shape back then and I really didn’t have it easy at all but I am proud to say that I made it till! It took me two years to clear all the problems with a lot of talking and listening to Nick. This worked out just because I really wished for it. I am so happy that my parents found Nick Burrin because he actually saved our lives and I am so thankful for all his work and effort he put in all of us too.

Thank you Nick!

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